2005.10 –> October 2005 at Rime

ZULA Presents


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JP Carter
JP Carter

Appearing at Rime every Tuesday in October as our Artist in Residence (AIR), trumpeter/composer JP Carter is an integral member of bands like the Tony Wilson Sextet, Inhabitants, Great Aunt Ida and Fond of Tigers. JP’s unique approach to the trumpet and electronics has led to performances and collaborations with artists including Dave Douglas, Bill Laswell, Wolfgang Fuchs, Steve Beresford and Butch Morris. For this residency, JP has invited some of his favourite Vancouver-based projects to participate throughout the month of October in unique collaborations, often by melding two working groups together.

Sat, Oct 1/ (aft) Gord Grdina’s Boxcutter (3 pm, by donation)

Saturday afternoons in October: Textural soundscapes, polyrhythmic grooves, soulful ballads with unexpected harmonic twists and turns. Gord Grdina guitar; Karlis Silins bass; Kenton Loewen drums; plus guest(s)

Sat, Oct 1/ (eve) The Fugitives (10 pm, $5-10)

The Fugitives are a unique hybrid of spoken word and music troupe. They run the gamut from comedic to hard-hitting, insightful spoken word, and combine it with adventurous strong structures performed on piano, accordion, guitar, harmonica, beatbox, and voice by Barbara Adler, CR Avery, Mark Berube and Brendan McLeod. The result is a plethora of individual styles merged into a distinctive voice that compells its audience to celebrate, think, and care.


Sun, Oct 2/ (aft) Existential Angst Party (3 pm, by donation)

Sunday afternoons in October: Sublime songs of sundry status… Moving effortlessly between original improvised song, captivating grooves and open improvisation, this music will move you, confuse you, shock you, soothe you, but never lull you to sleep. A wide range of influences (jazz, punk-rock, improvised music, folk, opera and more) converge when this four-piece ensemble play original material. Viviane Houle voice; Stefan Smulovitz viola, laptop; Brent Belke guitar;Clyde Reed bass.

Sun, Oct 2/ (eve) Auster Sisters (9 pm, $5-10)

This alt-country band of warm grace and simple beauty plays gorgeous songs of last dance and happenstance. Belinda Bruce guitar, vocals; Jane Gowan accordion, vocals; Jon Wood lapsteel guitar

Mon, Oct 3/ Industry Night No live music planned, just good food & drink tonight…special night for folks in the service industry.

Tue, Oct 4/ AIR: JP Carter with Aeroplane Trio, Peggy Lee & Kevin House Band (9 pm, $5-10)

A melding of two trios, sharing the same rhythm section plus guest Peggy Lee…an acoustic trio taking a traditional jazz format and then making things feel weird and then ok again, Aeroplane Trio is a tight, home-grown, vital, fresh jazz & avant-jazz unit that leaves no stone unturned in its search for the secret… plus Rime favourite, Kevin House brings his lovely, dark material to cause some emotional & cerebral mayhem, as only he can… JP Carter trumpet; Kevin House vocals, guitar; Russell Sholberg bass; Skye Brooks drums; Peggy Lee cello.


Wed, Oct 5/ Ivan Coyote Book Launch Loose End (9 pm, $5-10)

Arsenal Pulp Press presents the Vancouver launch of Loose End by Ivan E. Coyote. In her third story collection, Ivan focuses her attention on the city; urban life, especifically in the East End of Vancouver, a diverse neighbourhood of all types – old, young, gay, straight, white, black, Asian – communing at local coffee bars, over hot rods, the art of skinny-dipping and changes in the weather. Singer, songwriter extraordinaire Veda Hille will drop in and play some music, too.


Thu, Oct 6/ Talking Pictures (9 pm, $5-10)

Formed in 1993 by guitarist/composer Ron Samworth, Vancouver’s Talking Pictures is a quartet that synthesises diverse musical experiences in a communion of form and freedom. The group draws on a distinctive and wide ranging sonic palette and reveals a distinct empathy. The jazz continum from Armstrong to Zorn, the bold, abstract textures of new music and Jimi Hendrix, and the richly evocative spirit of Kurt Weill and Nino Rota all meet in a compelling sound world of near cinematic richness… with Bill Clark trumpet; Peggy Lee cello; Dylan van der Schyff drums.

plus Celso Macado plays a set of music from 7:30 to 8 pm (free)

Fri, Oct 7/ The Winks (with Jesse Zubot) CD Release/ Hank Pine and Lily Fawn / Sean Maxey (9 pm, $5-10)
Recently arrived back from their first Australian tour, The Winks play cello and mandolin with singing, horns, giggles, drums, smiles and perfect confusion.Their new split CD is being released by Drip Audio on September 27th and is a refreshing burst of new songs and succulent flavors. This night only, violin virtuoso and Drip Audio mastermind Jesse Zubot will be playing with the Winks.

Hank Pine and Lily Fawn are a vaudeville-inspired duo from Victoria, British Columbia , whose act is based upon the tragic and hilarious adventures of their comic book series. Like the great acts of old, the music covers many genres, yet all stems from a punk rock ethic, and an appreciation for the delicate art of entertaining.


When Sean Maxey is not drunkenly roaming around the world with his band The Doers or drawing up a storm with his Neptuna moniker he is standing in front of you singing.


Sat, Oct 8/ (aft) Gord Grdina’s Boxcutter (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 1st for details

Sat, Oct 8/ (eve) Marmalade (9 pm, $5-10)

With influences ranging from jazz, funk, hip-hop, drum’n’bass and world music, Marmalade specializes in dishing out the sweetjams… Jiggy saxophones; Colin Maskell keys; Paul Bray percussion; James Forrest bass; Mike Magnusson drums


Sun, Oct 9/ (aft) Existential Angst Party (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 2nd for details

Sun, Oct 9/ (eve) Mark Berube CD Release (9 pm, $5-10)

Singer-songwriter, explorer of minutiae-Canadiana and other details often overlooked or taken for granted in urban life, Mark Berube’s music is grounded in the shared styles of Hawksley Workman, Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright and Bob Dylan. Mark Berube guitar, vocals; Mike Liston bass; Michael Simpson drums


Mon, Oct 10/ ESQ (9 pm, $5-10)

ESQ is made up of local greats exploring free-jazz & more structured forms ranging from the subtle and eclectic to the very hard driving. Kevin Elaschuk trumpet; Dave Say saxophones; André Lachance guitar; Paul Rushka bass; Stan Taylor drums

Tue, Oct 11/ AIR: JP Carter with Carsick/Jennifer Clarke & Anne Cooper/Inhabitants (9 pm, $5-10)

Carsick, an eclectic and original electro-acoustic duo, will release their first full-length on Drip Audio this fall. And don’t worry, they’re not out to make you ill; they make nice music, really… plus Inhabitants: From melodic to minimalist, from deep groove to all out noise; this band of burning players inhabit the nether regions of Vancouver’s music underground…along with movement and contact improvisation of two of the city’s finest practitioners of modern dance… JP Carter trumpet; Dave Sikula guitar; Jennifer Clarke dance; Anne Cooper dance; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums.


Wed, Oct 12/ Corduroy Kid & Ben Rodgers (9 pm, $5-10)

A great mix of hip-hop, folk, funk, blues fused with passion, joy and loneliness makes up Corduroy Kid‘s (aka Shawn Hall) musical world, filled with ecstatic grooves and moods aplenty.


Ben Rodgers‘ music is a unique collage of folk, funk and rock with influences as diverse as Beck, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash, but a sound and style that is all his own.


Thu, Oct 13/ October Trio (9 pm, $5-10)

Young lions perform beautiful, driving jazz, exploring the history, freedom & boundaries of the sax-trio tradition. Check them out! Evan Arntzen tenor saxophone; Josh Cole bass; Dan Gaucher drums

“These guys are the cat’s ass!” – Cem


Fri, Oct 14/ Rae Spoon Video Release with Friends (9 pm, $5-10)

Roots sensation, singer, banjoist Rae Spoon plays solo and with friends to celebrate the release of his new video Progress that was made by Amey Kazymerchyk.


Sat, Oct 15/ (aft) Gord Grdina’s Boxcutter (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 1st for details

Sat, Oct 15/ (eve) Audio Lava / Blind God (10 pm, $5-10)

Moody, groove-based, jazz influenced trip-hop, resulting in a lush sound out of Brent Cross’ programmed drum loops, keyboard samples, spaghetti-western guitar and the sultry, emotive vocals of Lisa Butel with Lorri Dar on bass & Jenny Beech on drums.


Is there a more beautifully raw & powerful duo or unit in town with a huge New York sound a la Morphine than Blind God? You decide… Vampire-Delta blues… music you already know deep down…best band you may never have heard before! Dave Olajide steel guitar, banjo, vocals; Ray Garroway drums.

Sun, Oct 16/ (aft) Existential Angst Party (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 2nd for details

Sun, Oct 16/ (eve) Blair Lewis’ Out Of The Woods Acoustic (9 pm, $5-10)

After fifteen years of playing increasingly electric jazz, Out Of The Woods returns to their acoustic origins: interactive musicianship, nuanced improvisation, world music textures and a love of beautiful compositions. The band plays originals and material from Ralph Towner to Astor Piazzolla, with a bit of Carla Bley thrown in for fun. Blair Lewis, classical guitar; Karen Graves, flute and saxophone; Nick Apivor, vibraphone; Laurence Mollerup, bass; Stefan Cihelka, tabla and percussion.

Mon, Oct 17/ Robert Dyck’s Electric Dragon Quintet (9 pm, $5-10)

This Vancouver quintet performs a unique style of textural, hard edged, groove oriented jazz blending together various genres of music. The original compositions are funky, swing hard and can get very adventurous, composed sections alternating with creative improvisation. Robert Dyck keyboards; Jeremy Page sax; Joel Lower guitar; Shanto Bhattacharya bass; Ben Wilson drums; plus guest Amaya O’Duir voice

Tue, Oct 18/ AIR: JP Carter with Great Aunt Ida & Fond Of Tigers (9 pm, $5-10)

Two great bands in action, together and alone, both extolled for their contributions to some of the most innovative and acclaimed bands to surface amid Vancouver’s independent music scene… Great Aunt Ida is an avant-pop band with instantly memorable melodies and elegant piano-led compositions, joined by Fond Of Tigers; an eclectic post-rock band making angular, minimalist music by “maximalist” renegades.

JP Carter trumpet; Stephen Lyons guitar; Jesse Zubot violin; Morgan McDonald piano; Ida Nilsen voice, piano; Shanto Bhattacharya bass; Scott Malin bass; Skye Brooks drums; Dan Gaucher drums; Barry Mirochnick drums



Wed, Oct 19/ Adama (9 pm, $5-10)

Multi-talented quartet exploring the boundaries of classical, contemporary jazz and world music, composition and improvisation with Itamar Erez guitar, piano; Tony Nickles oboe, English-horn; Laurence Mollerup bass; Stefan Cihelka tabla & percussion.


Thu, Oct 20 & Fri, Oct 21/ Roadhouse Records Showcase

Local independent label RoadHouse showcases 5 uniquely special artists: Pat Coleman, Monik Nordine, Colin Lazzerini, Anne Schaefer, and Brent Jarvis.


Thu, Oct 20/ Pat Coleman Quartet / Colin Lazzerini (9 pm, $10)

A rare appearance in Vancouver by internationally respected West-coast guitarist Pat Coleman together with Salt Spring’s supreme alto & soprano saxophonist Monik Nordine. High-energy, startlingly fresh improvisations with uncanny telepathic interplay and a burning drive…. with Ken Lister on bass and Kelby McNair on drums.

The CBC on Colin Lazzerini: “a first rate jazz singer”, “fresh and original”, and “delightful magic…”. A songwriter of depth and skill. Literate, witty and sophisticated. Provocative and unpredictable. Outbreaks of scurrilous verse remain likely. An authentic one-off. Colin Lazzerini voice; Pat Coleman guitar; Ken Lister bass; Kelby McNair drums

Fri, Oct 21/ Anne Schaefer / Brent Jarvis (9 pm, $10)

Victoria’s Monday Magazine dubbed Anne Schaefer “the best singer-songwriter you’ve never heard of”. Comparisons are made with Rickie Lee Jones, Sade, Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell, yet she has her own warmly powerful individualism, with performances that charm and disarm. Anne Schaefer voice, guitar, violin, percussion; Pat Coleman guitar; Ken Lister bass; Kelby McNair drums


Brent Jarvis is an exciting new jazz pianist and composer with fluid sensitivity and responsiveness to change…expressionistic interpretations of advanced original compositions played with dazzling brilliance by a great band…with Pat Coleman guitar; Ken Lister bass; Kelby McNair drums


Sat, Oct 22/ (aft) Gord Grdina’s Boxcutter (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 1st for details

Sat, Oct 22/ (eve) Santa Lucia LFR (10 pm, $5-10)

High energy Latin-funk-rock with monstrous horns and bass, polyrhythmic beats, funky breaks, and furiously upbeat lyrics in English and Spanish. German Cantillo guitar, vocals; Mario Zetina percussion, vocals; Glen Krouger drums, vocals; Ryan Conroy bass; Byron Russell alto-sax, vocals; Brad Muirhead trombone

Sun, Oct 23/ (aft) Existential Angst Party (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 2nd for details

Sun, Oct 23/ (aft) Anna Camilleri Book Launch Red Light (8 pm, $5-10)

Arsenal Pulp Press presents the Vancouver launch of Red Light edited by Anna Camilleri. Red Light is an anthology of essays, stories, and visual materials that identifies and deconstructs female icons, past and present, and re-imagines them for the twenty-first century. Alternately fiery, sexy, angry and eloquent, the works in this book cast these powerful, conflicted women in the (red)light of a new day.

Mon, Oct 24/ Twilight Hotel (9 pm, $5-10)

“Not since the heyday of Ian and Silvia 40 years ago has there been such a dynamic male/female duo on the Canadian Roots scene.” – Mike Youds, Kamloops Daily News

Winnipeg’s Twilight Hotel leaves your average folk/roots music in the dust with Dave Quanbury & Brandy Zdan‘s powerful, duelling electric guitars, soaring vocal harmonies and the unexpected sound of the accordion. The songs are heavy set with passion and fuelled by guts; they tell the stories of life’s odds, sometimes harsh, sometimes sweet. Growing up in Winnipeg leaves its mark, Twilight Hotel give you the feeling of being behind the wheel and staring out at that endless horizon, but this isn’t the kind of wheel you fall asleep at…


Tue, Oct 25/ AIR: JP Carter with DarkBlueWorld & Tony Wilson’s New Sextet (9 pm, $5-10)

Brilliant performers of original, relevant, culturally engaged & emotionally, intellectually uncompromising songs, DarkBlueWorld and one of Vancouver’s greatest working bands and best kept secrets, bursting with young talent, Tony Wilson’s New Sextet play together for the first time and alone. Elizabeth Fischer vocals; JP Carter trumpet; Masa Anzai sax; Ron Samworth guitar; Tony Wilson guitar; Jesse Zubot violin; Russell Sholberg double-bass; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums


Wed, Oct 26/ Autobahn Birds (9 pm, $5-10)

Delicately crushing, moody, yet wavering on belligerent. Music built around Mike Derrick’s guitar and vocal melody, driven by a rhythm section of drums and bass. Its energetic passion marbled with quiet seductions, this music will likely leave you wandering aimlessly across a darkly painted landscape with a fire under your feet. Mike Derrick voice, guitar; Jonathan Perkins bass; Eran Vooys drums
Thu, Oct 27/ Grrrls With Guitars CD Release (8 pm, $5-10)

Grrrls With Guitars, now in it’s 11th year, celebrates the release of Compilation Volume 3 on Maximum/Universal ! Featured performances by; GreenTaRA plus a special Songwriters In The Round format featuring; Rae Armour, Shiloh Lindsey, Taylor James, Ash Riot, HECTOR, Coco Love Alcorn, Kristia Di Gregorio, Yael Wand, Christa Couture & host Nadine Davenport plus many more…


Fri, Oct 28/ Tony Wilson’s Ancient Sextet (10 pm, $5-10)

Ancient only in collective wisdom & armed with chops, heart & smarts to burn one down, guitarist Tony Wilson’s older sextet project will cover some old classics as well as works by composer Benjamin Britten… Peggy Lee cello; Kevin Elaschuk trumpet; Dave Say sax; Paul Blaney bass; Dylan van der Schyff drums

Sat, Oct 29/ (aft) Gord Grdina’s Boxcutter (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 1st for details

Sat, Oct 29/ (eve) Hot Club of Mars (9 pm, $5-10)

Classic gypsy-swing-jazz exploring “…an imaginary terrain between Waikiki in the 1920’s and the Left Bank (Paris) in the 1930’s…” – Alex Varty

Deanna Knight vocals; Michael Dunn Maccaferri-style lead & National steel guitars; Steve “Bugzy” Szabo rhythm guitar; Mark Dowding saxophone, flute, harmonica; Charlie Knowles bass


Sun, Oct 30/ (aft) Existential Angst Party (3 pm, by donation) see Oct 2nd for details

Sun, Oct 30/ (eve) Roger Dean Young’s “Sunday Evening Coming Down” (8 pm, $5-10)

Revered alt-roots musician, Copperspine recording artist Roger Dean Young -with his band The Tin Cup & other friends- curates one Sunday each month of lusciously quiet, beautifully sparse mood music, just right for the occasion. Tonight he will be joined by Dave Gowans of the Buttless Chaps


Mon, Oct 31/ Halloween with Eye of Newt “Dagon” (9 pm, $5-10)

Dagon, a fine choice of a Halloween flick, tells the story of Paul Marsh, a young man who discovers that the truth will not set him free instead it condemns him to a waking nightmare of unrelenting horror. Specialists in playing live music to film, the ever-(r)evolvinging Eye of Newt, as always, will treat the film with great care & respect, playing extremely quietly and creepy with short bursts of unsettling barrage of noise, for good measure, as required. Andrew Scott electronics; Chris Kelly electronics; Stefan Smulovitz theremin, waterphone, viola; Torsten Müller bass


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