2005.3 –> March 2005 at Rime


Here’s the March Calendar, friends. Enjoy!

March 2005 at Rime PDF (click to download FDF document)

Cem Zafir

Veda Hille

March 1/ VEDA HILLE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (9 pm, $10) Hille resides at Rime every Tuesday in March, with every show a different handful!
She’s a goddess. Her style is beautiful and fierce and incredibly eclectic: alternative rock with touches of jazz and folk-rock,& with occasional experimental pieces. (Neile)

Veda plays solo on the ol’ rime upright plus balloon artist Bro Gilbert and a puppet show by Tamara Unroe & Sharon Bayly!   www.vedahille.com

March 2/ ESQ (9 PM, $5-10) Local greats exploring free-jazz & more structured forms ranging from the subtle and eclectic to the very hard driving. With Kevin Elaschuk trumpet; Dave Say saxophones; Andre Lachance guitar; Paul Rushka bass and Stan Taylor drums

March 3/ SANGHA with EYVIND KANG (9 PM, $5-10) A melting pot of musical traditions (Arabic, Persian, Indian) forging a new path with Gord Grdina oud; Neelamjit Dhillon tabla; Hidayat Honari tar; Hamin Honari tombak & featuring brilliantly original violinist Eyvind Kang (John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz)  www.sanghamusic.com

March 4/ INHABITANTS (10 PM, $5-10) “From melodic to minimalist, from deep groove to all out noise; this quartet inhabit Vancouver’s music underground…” JP Carter trumpet; Dave Sikula guitar; Pete Schmitt electric bass; Skye Brooks drums

March 5/ RONNIE ARTUR & HIS ORKESTRIO (10 PM, $5-10) New bohemian beats, beat musings, amusing bits, bit of improv. Ronnie Artur bass, vocals; Andrew Burden trombone, tuba; Jordan Kawchuk sax; Charlie Hase steel guitar; Ed Goodine drums

March 6/ THE OCTOBER TRIO (6 pm, FREE) Young lions perform beautiful, driving jazz & will be recording their Rime concerts every Sunday this
month for an upcoming release. March 6, 13, 20,& 27 (all FREE) Evan Arntzen saxophones; Josh Cole bass; Dan Gaucher drums www.theoctobertrio.com
plus BRUCE FREEDMAN QUARTET (8 pm, FREE)  Creative fire music by veteran jazz unit with Bruce Freedman saxophones; Rod Murray trombone;

Clyde Reed bass; Stan Taylor drums

plus Film: Straight No Chaser (10 pm, FREE) One of the finest jazz documentaries ever made…a beautiful journey through the brilliant corners of Thelonious Monk’s mind.

March 8/ VEDA HILLE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (9 pm, $10) International Women’s Day: Boys Do Girls. A high concept evening, where guys play songs written by women! Come witness the genders working together, featuring p:ano, Bob’s Lounge, Kevin House, Rae Spoon, Sam Newton, and more!

March 9/ BRUNO HUBERT TRIO/QUARTET (9 PM, $5-10) Fresh, swinging, multi-layered & sublime modern jazz. Bruno Hubert piano; Sean Cronin bass; Sam Cartwright drums with Andre Lachance guitar

March 10/ RABNETT 5 (9 PM, $5-10) A jazz trained, nature influenced ensemble exploring freedom, creativity, groove, & communication. Rich Rabnett guitar; Kiyoshi Elkuf saxophones; Ian Cox keyboards; Mike Kennedy bass; Dan Gaucher drums www.rab5.com

March 11/ STRINGFEVER/CASABLANCA COWBOYS (10 PM, $5-10) East Van’s well-loved Gypsy-jazz/ New-Grass band playing life affirming music. Ron Thompson guitar; Stefan Thordarson violin; Doug Thordarson violin,viola; Brent Gubbles bass

March 12/ BRAZIL BRAZIL (10 PM, $5-10) Talented quartet of instrumentalists playing some beautifully home-spun, heart-warming Brazilian music, including choro, samba and a little jazz. Mario Silva acoustic guitar; Trevor Murray cavaquinho; Kathy Fitzpatrick flute; Paul Bray percussion

March 13/ THE OCTOBER TRIO (6 pm, FREE) www.theoctobertrio.com
plus CARSICK (8 pm, FREE) “Authentic being can only be achieved on weekends, and even then requires the borrowing of a car.” Woody Allen
JP Carter trumpet; Dave Sikula guitar

plus Film: The Conversation (10 pm, FREE) Francis Ford Coppola’s fascinating tale about snooping

March 15/ VEDA HILLE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (9 pm, $10) Idas of March…OK, just one Ida. Great Aunt Ida! …plus Veda and her band, and everybody’s pal Patsy Klein, from the Colorifics.

March 16/ FOND OF TIGERS (9 PM, $5-10) Eclectic post-rock band, angular, minimalist music by “maximalist” renegades. Stephen Lyons guitar; JP Carter trumpet; Shanto Battacharya bass; Skye Brooks drums; Dan Gaucher drums; Jesse Zubot violin

March 17/ GORD GRDINA’S BOXCUTTER QUARTET featuring François Houlé (9 PM, $5-10) Textural soundscapes, polyrhythmic grooves, soulful ballads with unexpected harmonic twists and turns. Gord Grdina guitar; François Houlé clarinet; Russell Sholberg bass; Kenton Loewen drums

March 18/ ELEVATORHEAD (10 PM, $5-10) Groove-based jazz & electronica from  ever-exploring quartet. Dave Sikula guitar, laptop; Jon Bentley saxophone, electronics; Scott Sanft keyboards; Bernie Arai drums, electronics

March 19/ PEPE DANZA & THE RHYTHM FOOLS (10 PM, $5-10) Unique, intense & tirelessly creative percussionist, composer, leader Danza’s organic rhythmic excursions with his friends playing percussion, string & wind instruments from Africa & Latin America www.pepe-music.com
March 20/ THE OCTOBER TRIO (6 pm, FREE) www.theoctobertrio.com
plus MARY KASTLE & RUSSELL SHOLBERG (8 pm, FREE) Eclectic mix of jazz, r&b standards & originals from intuitive duo of vocalist/pianist & bassist

plus Film: Dom za Vesanje (Time of the Gypsies) (10 pm, FREE) Emir Kusturica’s moving take on Rom Culture

March 22/ VEDA HILLE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (9 pm, $10) Veda & her band with special guest Peggy Lee and a set by the Buttless Chaps!

March 23/ CORBIN MURDOCH & THE NAUTICAL MILES (9 PM, $5-10) Songs of memory & distance, hovering between humour & melancholy with Corbin Murdoch vocals; Tim Tweedale dobro, pedal steel, tumpet; Tyson Naylor organ, accordion; Simon Rotheisler bass; Lucas Schuller drums www.corbinmurdoch.com

plus MOTHER Lush, interwoven vocal harmony, sentimental, tongue in cheek lyrics put to infectious pop melodies, novel chord progressions with Ryan Guldemond guitar; Molly Guldemond vocals; Debra-Jean Creelman vocals

March 24/ BELINDA BRUCE & TAWNY STARS CD RELEASE (9 PM, $5-10) City meets country, grit meets honey in Belinda’s moving and dreamy folk-pop. With rootsy undertones, soaring vocals, honest sentiments and twilight melodies, it’s like pulling a twinkling star from the sky and listening to it.

March 25 & 26/ TRIO KVH (10 PM, $10) Two smokin’ nights of improvised music from internationally revered trio of amazing players…NYC, Vancouver, Seattle triangle all the way! Wayne Horvitz keyboards, electronics; Briggan Krauss alto-sax; Dylan van der Schyff drums www.waynehorvitz.com www.briggankrauss.com

March 27/ THE OCTOBER TRIO and RIME PARTY (6 pm on, FREE)  A multi-media event to celebrate Rime & its friends. Fascinating video travelogues
& virtual tours of Turkey, a short video on the conception of our space, plus various friends will drop in to play music & cause havoc …

March 29/ VEDA HILLE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (9 pm, $10) We wind it up with Veda and her Northern pals: Kim Barlow and Ivan Coyote. Don’t miss it!

March 30/ PEGGY LEE BAND (9 PM, $5-10) A Vancouver tradition made up of some of the city’s finest jazz & improvised music players. Peggy Lee cello; Ron Samworth guitar; Brad Turner trumpet; Jeremy Berkman trombone; Andre Lachance bass; Dylan van der Schyff drums

March 31/ RAYHAN (9 PM, $5-10) Turkish string player, Syrian instrumentalist & French-Canadian percussionist meet to play gorgeous, intricate Mediterranean melodies. Erdal Kün saz/baglama; Emad Armoush ney, guitar, percussion, voice; Denis Franck frame drum & other percussion

ADMISSION: Sun: FREE, Tue: $10, Wed-Sat: $5-10 sliding scale (unless otherwise noted)

SHOWTIMES: Sun: 6, 8 & 10 pm, Tue-Thu: 9 pm, Fri-Sat: 10 pm

Rime is located at 1130 Commercial Drive (between William & Napier)

Tel. 604.215.1130

We’re open for lunch & dinner Tuesday through Sunday

Tuesday-Saturday: Noon – 1 am

Sunday: Noon-Midnight

We accept Visa, M/C & debit cards

Reservations for parties of 10 or more are possible & recommended

Check out our menu


April Artist In Residence: Ron Samworth

June 5: Rashied Ali & Sonny Fortune Duo (early & late shows)


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