2005.5 –> May 2005 at Rime


Reminder: Early bird tickets for the June 5th Rashied Ali & Sonny Fortune concert — early & late shows – 8 & 10 pm…$20 each until May 15, $25 afterwards at Highlife, Zulu & Rime — Space is limited, so jump on it!


May 2005 at Rime (click to download calendar in PDF)


Jesse Zubot
Jesse Zubot

Our Artist in Residence for Tuesdays in May, violinist, mandolinist, composer and label head, Jesse Zubot likes to mix it up a bit, just like we do here at Rime. A member of Zubot & Dawson and The Great Uncles of the Revolution, both Juno Award winning acoustic-roots acts. Recently, he started up LaConnor, an electro-acoustic band with François Houle and Jean Martin. Their recent recording is out on Zubot’s new label, Drip Audio.  Beyond this, Jesse is active in Vancouver’s unique creative music scene and has worked with international artists as diverse as Kelly Joe Phelps, Eugene Chadbourne, Joe Fonda, Oh Susanna, Dave Douglas, OX, Kid Koala, Viktor Krauss, Gerry Hemingway and many others. Jesse has planned a fantastic lineup for each of the five Tuesdays in May. His planning is evidence of his eclectic tastes and the vastly varied playing situations, to which he seems to be attracted.



May 1/ Global Discoveries Festival on The Drive: Festival Closing Party with Taal Maala plus Brejera (8:30 pm, $5-10)

Taal Maala: Electronic East Indian fusion group featuring electronicist and tabla player Keenan O’Connor and sitar player Matt Hollingshead

plus Brejera: An authentic high-energy Brazilian samba-fusion band that will keep you dancing in a carnival-like atmosphere. Celia Enestrom vocals; Mario Silva guitar; Trevor Murray cavaquinho; Cassio Souza surdo; Paul Bray pandeiro/percussion

Also Global Discoveries Festival Lecture/Demo: (2-3pm, by donation) Zen and the Art of the Shakuhachi Flute, with Alcvin Ramos.


Set 1 – Tony Wilson guitar & Jesse Zubot violin, mandolin sparkle on a short set of roots based improv.

Set 2 – Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy) on laptop, Todd MacDonald (The Winks) on mandolin & electronics, François Houle on clarinet, Jesse Zubot on violin – the mando, fiddle & clarinet get worked on by a computer.

Set 3 (late) – Secret Mommy performs a short solo laptop set

“He turns that Apple logo on his laptop into a deranged smile”. – The Stranger



May 4/ NDP FUNDRAISER with ZACHARY STEVENSON plus DEXTER & MULDOON (7:30 pm, $5 & up donation)

A benefit for Mel Lehan, NDP candidate for Vancouver Point Grey, which happens to be Gordon Campbell’s riding. Zachary Stevenson will perform a tribute to 60’s American protest folk singer Phil Ochs. Also, Dexter & Muldoon will play their blend of country, blues & folk.


May 5 & 6/ 3rd Annual INDIE MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL (8 pm, $8)

Cinestir & Rumbletone Productions present the cream of current independent music videos out there. A two night festival featuring a fresh crop of 40 plus independent music videos from all over the world, showcasing brilliant cinematography, astonishing animation and the most precise and artful editing that is sure to rock each of your senses. Rarely seen,never seen and must be seen – an eye-popping,ear-blasting,heart-pounding audio/video extravanganza.


The Beekeepers & Swank will also rock the house on Thursday & Friday, respectively.

The Beekeepers have been crafting their own brand of British Invasion influenced psychedelic pop since 1996. Members include: Dave Dawson, Matt Caruso (Duplex), Eric Napier (Colorifics), Annie Wilkinson (Great Aunt Ida, Duplex) and Mike Kenney (Bughouse 5).

“The record feels like a warm giggly summer day on the patio, conjuring up images of blazing sun and the Beach Boys, Ray Davies and pink and purple flowers blooming somewhere up in the sky”. – Jenn Wong

“Four Vancouver music veterans take a mod trip into the British pop of the ’60s and come off sounding surprisingly authentic. Spot-on harmonies, sweet hooks and stellar musicianship highlight the songs.” – Exclaim

Swank performs genetically modified, all hoedown, no uptown, corn swillin’, ass kickin’ country & somethin’-an unholy alliance of punk and country styles that go together like moonshine and mason jars.


May 7/ HOT CLUB OF MARS (10 pm, $5-10)

Classic gypsy-swing-jazz exploring “…an imaginary terrain between Waikiki in the 1920’s and the Left Bank (Paris) in the 1930’s…” – Alex Varty

Deanna Knight vocals; Michael Dunn Maccaferri-style lead & National steel guitars; Steve “Bugzy” Szabo rhythm guitar; Mark Dowding saxophone, flute, harmonica; Charlie Knowles bass


May 8/ (afternoon show) GALE/BASKIN/CRONIN/CHILDS (3 pm, by donation)

A young & solid jazz collective with much touring under its belt, this band plays no-holds-barred modern jazz.

Chris Gale tenor saxophone; Jordan Baskin piano; Sean Cronin bass; Morgan Childs drums

May 8/ (evening show) GREAT NORTHERN (8 pm, $5-10)

One of BC’s best-known bluegrass outfits … “Great Northern is an exciting new string band, made up of innovative traditionalists, … foremost practitioners of the low and lonesome sound. Great Northern has strong bluesy vocals, original instrumentals with tight arrangements, interesting cover material and a solid rhythmic feel, all the elements that make up a great band!” -John Reischman

Tim Eccles guitar, vocals; Brian Samuels cello, vocals; Iain MacIntyre banjo; Stu Macdonald bass



Set 1 – Roots Songs with the charming Linda McRae vocals, guitar & accordion (“her songs feel as good as flannel” – Now Magazine)  Jesse Zubot mandolin & violin and the elegant Frazey Ford vocals sitting in on a couple.

Set 2 – A twisted set of improvised music created by Ron Samworth guitar; Dylan van der Schyff drums; Jesse Zubot violin.

May 11/ THE OCTOBER TRIO CD “LIVE @ RIME” RELEASE PARTY! (9 pm, $5 or $10 including cd)

Celebrating the release of their first cd, culled from live recordings at Rime in March — aptly titled “Live @ Rime”, these young lions perform beautiful, driving jazz, exploring the history, freedom & boundaries of the sax-trio tradition. Check them out! “These guys are the cat’s ass!” – Cem

Evan Arntzen tenor saxophone; Josh Cole bass; Dan Gaucher drums


May 12/ GREEN IDEAS (9 pm, $5-10)

Colourless green ideas sleep furiously… Lisa Miller‘s compositions and quirky tunes interpreted by great improvisers. Jazz meets contemporary classical/free-improv.

..”the pianist possesses serious talent. Most impressive is how suggestive her pieces are-not in the lascivious sense, but in their quicksilver ability to evoke a variety of subtle emotions. Although Miller can attack the piano with Tyneresque force when necessary, she more frequently employs a light touch and an even lighter hand with tonality, playing with a kind of delicious ambiguity that connotes not just different feelings, but different key signatures as well”  Alexander Varty  (The Georgia Straight)

Rebecca Whitling violin; Jesse Zubot violin; Peggy Lee cello; Lisa Miller piano; Steve Smith bass; Skye Brooks drums

May 13/ MARK BERUBE & ANNA B. (10 pm, $5-10)

Singer-songwriter, explorer of minutea-Canadiana and other details often overlooked or taken for granted in urban life, Mark Berube‘s music is grounded in the shared styles of Hawksley Workman, Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright and Bob Dylan.

Mark Berube guitar, vocals; Mike Liston bass; Michael Simpson drums


Anna B. writes and performs deeply personal material, amplifying her take on the impermanence of life, shaded by her experiences of heartaches and joys…from a ballsy, barroom torch song, to a boney hoedown, to the most simple ode to love, to a haunting bluegrass ballad…

Stephen Nikleva guitars; Mark Berube piano, accordion; Sam Shoichet bass; Michael Simpson drums


May 14/ AUDIO-LAVA & THE BEAUTICIANS (10 pm, $5-10)

Moody, groove-based, jazz influenced trip-hop, resulting in a lush sound out of Brent Crossprogrammed drum loops, keyboard samples, spaghetti western guitar and the sultry, emotive vocals of Lisa Butel with Lorri Dar on bass & Jenny Beech on drums.


The Beauticians are Vancouver’s premiere cyber-folk/pop quartet, featuring the songwriting of Beez (from the Smugglers) and Sexy Pierre Lumoncel (from the Hard Rock Miners). Embracing their natural silliness, they celebrate the lightness of living and the bittersweet pill of maturity. The Beauticians’ music is a blend of klezmer, chamber pop, quirky new wave, old time country and classical music mixed with “Doris Day” style four part harmonies. Beez guitar, vocals; Pierre Lumoncel & Lara Kroeker violin, vocals


[–May 15/ PRIVATE PARTY (Closed to the public) Happy nuptials to Kevin & Kirsten, two of the most beautiful beings alive!–]


Set 1 – Cascadia String Trio: Peggy Lee cello; Torsten Müller bass; Jesse Zubot violin play improvised string music of high order.

Set 2 – Dave Gowans, (of the Buttless Chaps), guitar, banjo and sings cowboy tunes with Jesse Zubot on mandolin & fiddle.


May 18/ THE FUGITIVES (9 pm, $5-10)

The Fugitives are a unique hybrid of spoken word and music troupe. They run the gamut from comedic to hard-hitting, insightful spoken word, and combine it with adventurous strong structures performed on piano, accordion, guitar, harmonica, beatbox, and voice by Barbara Adler, CR Avery, Mark Berube and Brendan McLeod. The result is a plethora of individual styles merged into a distinctive voice that compels its audience to celebrate, think, and care.


May 19/ KELE FLEMING plus MINOR SWING (9 pm, $5-10)

Musician, performer, writer Kele Fleming on guitar & vocals weaves together her songwriting, poetry and music. The songs and poems are very much rooted in the BC landscape, in particular the Vancouver landscape, and are sonic and poetic explorations of the complex forces, desires, and impulses that drive her characters into action.


Minor Swing play Parisian café music, resembling Hot Club Of France’s gypsy-jazz, in a send-off performance for violinist Clemens Schneider, who is off to Germany. Dave Taylor guitar; Tyson Naylor accordion; Sean Cronin bass.

May 20/ JUAN DE MARIAS (10 pm, $5-10)

Fiesta Flamenca! A spellbinding evening of flamenco dance, song and music. This special event features Vancouver guitarist Juan de Marias, singer Jose Lara and dancers Karen Pitkethly and Edita del Valle. Experience the beautiful and fiery flamenco music which originated in Southern Spain.


May 21/ THE HIGHBALLS (10 pm, $5-10)

Party hearty! A faux Mexican extravaganza from start to finish, this band is sure to knock you on your ass (if not, the tequila will) with their brand of mariachi-punk-ska-surf-Tex-Mex like you’ve never heard! Puerco guitar; Guaco bass; Senor Discount drums; Manuel Labour banjo; Marco Esperanza saxophone; Jépé trumpet


Revered alt-roots artist Roger Dean Young -with his band The Tin Cup & other friends- curates one Sunday each month of lusciously quiet, beautifully sparse mood music, just right for the occasion.


Set 1 – JP Carter trumpet & Jesse Zubot violin — a quiet-noise set from a trumpet and violin

Set 2 – Jonathan Inc. guitars & vocals “Melancholic melodies, each acoustic guitar note strummed with the heavy hand caused by the dislocation and isolation of heartbreak, giving way to lyrics sung as tenderly as the words of a dying man” Now magazine

Set 3 – Inhabitants “Blissful, yet dissonant ambience” – The Stranger (Seattle)

JP Carter trumpet; Dave Sikula guitar; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums

May 25/ RAGHU LOKANATHAN (9 pm, $8)

Visiting us from Northern BC, guitarist, singer-songwriter Raghu Lokanathan has a very personal approach to writing and a direct style of delivery, which demands attention.

“His material is whimsical and conversational. He turns rather mundane day-to-day events into quirky and interesting narratives….There’s a lot of word play and much vivid imagery at work here….” Penguin Eggs


May 26/ MICHAEL BLAKE with Chris Gestrin rhodes; Andre Lachance bass; Tom Foster drums (9 pm, $5-10)

May 27/ MICHAEL BLAKE with Brad Turner trumpet; Adam Thomas bass; Bernie Arai drums (10 pm, $5-10)

Back in his hometown of Vancouver for a short visit from New York, where he’s been living for close to two decades, this tenor & soprano saxophonist, composer and arranger has established a commanding presence in the jazz world. In 2002 he was recognized in Downbeat Magazine’s 50th Annual Critics Poll for Talent Deserving Wider Recognition categories for tenor sax, soprano sax and jazz artist of the year. He was also sighted as a “new jazz star” in the July 2002 issue of US World News Report. Best known for his bands Slow Poke, Blake Tartare, as well as his tenure with John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards, Michael Blake is joined by some of the local greats for two very different and engaging nights of music.

May 28/ FLAMENCO ALCALA (10 pm, $5-10)

“…extraordinary guitarist, quite simply world class.” — The Weekly

New Orleans born Flamenco guitarist Gerardo Alcala is one of the few foreigners to be respected as a full-fledged Flamenco artist by the gypsy Flamencos of Andalucia, among whom he lived the authentic Flamenco lifestyle for many years. He learned his art from the masters: Rafael del Aguila, Parrila de Jerez, Nino Jero, Rafael Alarcon, Eduardo de la Malena, and Pedro Bacan. Gerardo’s style represents a return to a more raw, traditional way of feeling and playing Flamenco, based primarily in the school of Jerez.

“Absolutely impeccable.” — Jaleo

Gerardo Alcala guitar; Angel Romero vocals; Affifa Moxness dance; Bonnie Stewart dance; plus guests


May 29/ MARIAM MATOSSIAN (8 pm, $5-10)

This singer, whose music is informed by her Armenian heritage and her travels, expresses her ties to her roots beautifully through song with the aid of some great players. Mariam Matossian vocals; Adam Popowitz guitar, mandolin; Nick Apivor vibes, percussion; Elliot Polsky drums, percussion



Set 1 – An experiment in ambience with Keith Lowe acoustic bass, laptop; Chris Gestrin analog synths; Jesse Zubot violin, electronics

Set 2 – A rare performance by Zubot & Dawson “…this is a new kind of folk, exquisitely executed.” -Toronto Star

Jesse Zubot violin, mandolin; Steve Dawson guitars; Keith Lowe bass; Elliot Polsky drums



Reminder: Early bird tickets for the June 5th Rashied Ali & Sonny Fortune concert — early & late shows – 8 & 10 pm…$20 each until May 15, $25 afterwards at Highlife, Zulu & Rime — Space is limited, so jump on it!



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