2005.6 –> June 2005 at Rime




Rime is open 7 nights a week starting in June!

(closed June 6th for renovations)

GREAT NEWS! Multi-instrumentalist, roots legend DAVID LINDLEY is visiting RIME for a rare solo concert on JULY 29TH! Special Guest will be guitarist Steve Dawson. Early & late shows available at $20 in advance at Highlife, Zulu, Chroma & Rime or $25 at the door

June 2005 at Rime (click to download calendar in PDF)

Reminder: Have you got your Sonny Fortune & Rashied Ali tickets for June 5th, yet? Early & late shows, 8 & 10 pm, still a few available at Highlife, Zulu & Rime for $25

Pepe Danza
Pepe Danza

Our Artist in Residence for Tuesdays in June, Joseph ‘Pepe’ Danza, is a composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and one of Vancouver’s top percussionists. A native of Montevideo, Uruguay, he mastered the traditional musical techniques of his homeland before traveling the world studying and performing. His extended studies include the sitar in India, the suling (ring flute) in Bali, and the shakuhachi in Japan. Moving to Canada in 1988, he continued to study while establishing himself as one of the foremost drummers and bandleaders on the West Coast. His credits include performances and concert tours with various ensembles throughout Europe, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam,Singapore and Thailand. Pepe is the leader of the El Sur, a Latin-African ensemble, and a member of the world music band Jou-Tou. His teaching specialty is samba instruction in both English and Spanish.


June 1/ Bruno Hubert Trio (9 PM, $5-10) Fresh, swinging, multi-layered & sublime modern jazz from three of the city’s relentlessly hard-working heavyweights. Bruno Hubert piano; André Lachance bass; Brad Turner drums

June 2/ Aeroplane Trio plus One (9 PM, $5-10)

Formerly JP Carter Trio, this tight, home-grown, vital, fresh avant-jazz band leaves no stone unturned in their search for the secret. JP Carter trumpet; Russell Sholberg bass; Skye Brooks drums; with Jon Bentley saxophone

June 3/ Ronnie Artur & His Orkestrio CD Release “Get This!” (10 PM, $5-10)


This is it! New bohemian beats, beat musings, amusing bits, bit of improv from Ronnie Hayward, who flips his near legendary rock-a-billy persona and mines the same musical era for a kind of “beat-bop” “hep-hop” alter ego a.k.a. Ronnie Artur. His Orkestrio’s uncluttered conversational jazz style is the perfect backdrop for his sardonic wit and unique take on life. A CD release party not to be missed! Ronnie Artur bass, vocals; Charlie Hase steel guitar; Stephen Nikleva guitar; Andrew Burden trombone, tuba; Jordan Kawchuk sax; Ed Goodine drums

June 4 (afternoon)/ Orquesta Goma Dura (3 pm, by donation)

The 20-piece Orquesta Goma Dura is Canada’s largest salsa orchestra and one of the most exciting ensembles anywhere. OGD featuring an all-star collection of Vancouver’s salsa and Latin-jazz communities with multiple singers, four percussionists, eleven horns. It will be impossible to sit still. Led by The Hard Rubber Orchestra’s John Korsrud. Susana Abreu vocals; Jack Duncan congas; Martin Romero, Phil Belanger timbales; Edgar Romero bongos/coro; Allan Johnston bass/coro; Lou Mastroianni piano; Ross Gregory, Derry Byrne, Kent Wallace trumpet; Dennis Esson, Rod Murray, Jeremy Berkman, Brad Muirhead trombone; Tom Colclough, Mike Braverman, Graham Ord, Daniel Miles Kane saxophone; John Korsrud director


June 4 (evening)/ ESQ & Bruce Freedman Quartet (10 pm, $5-10)

ESQ is made up of local greats exploring free-jazz & more structured forms ranging from the subtle and eclectic to the very hard driving. Kevin Elaschuk trumpet; Dave Say saxophones; André Lachance guitar; Paul Rushka bass; Stan Taylor drums

A veteran jazz unit of great skill & killer instincts, Bruce Freedman Quartet plays creative fire music with Bruce Freedman saxophones; Rod Murray trombone; Clyde Reed bass; Stan Taylor drums

June 5/ Sonny Fortune & Rashied Ali Duo (8 pm & 10 pm, $25)

In order to talk about who these men really are, it’s possible to mention saxophonist Sonny Fortune‘s contributions to essential Miles Davis recordings (Big Fun, Agartha, Pangaea, Get Up With It), and drummer Rashied Ali‘s immeasurable contributions to John Coltrane‘s last, most innovative & forward-looking recordings (Meditations, Interstellar Space, Live In Japan, Live At The Village Vanguard Again and more). Both artists were integral parts of some of the most influential modern jazz recordings of the past 40 years. Just ask any serious jazz & creative music fan! The jazz lineage and their legendary status are indisputable.

Beyond their obvious historic accomplishments, these great men, who’ve been playing with great innovators all along, have not rested on their past laurels, but instead have kept on pushing, prodding & searching for truth in their chosen field, propelled forward, continued to build solid history & rapport between them, which will result in two burning, enormously exciting & compelling shows in the intimate confines of your neighbourhood hang, Rime. So, don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime! Be there!




June 7/ Artist in Residence: Pepe Danza (9 PM, $5-10)

Featuring Boris Sichon, Jose Rossy and the No Shit Shirleys

Boris Sichon is a Russian percussionist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire who has worked with the likes of Cirque de Soleil. Jose Rossy, a virtuoso percussionist originally from Puerto Rico, has just arrived in BC and has played with luminaries such as Weather Report and Talking Heads. As for the 8 piece vocal ensemble No Shit Shirleys, if you enjoy Zap Mama or Linda Tillery, you are just about to discover that we have that kind of talent right here in Vancouver! A not to be missed celebration of Rhythm and Song from around the world.

June 8/ The Beige & Millicent (9 PM, $5-10)

“The universe is beige”–Vancouver Sun

Atmospheric songs and soundscapes from a jazzy folk place somewhere under the radar. The Beige‘s wry, soulful stories travel different roads, from sublime tragedies to the everyday lives of people born with tails. This music is all about hypnotic grooves and wide open spaces. Rick Maddocks guitar, vocals; Jon Wood lap steel and tenor guitar; Andrew Arida keyboards; Mark Haney double bass; Geoff Gilliard drums

Millicent is a down to earth group of musicians, named after a girl from a dreamy children’s novel. With original and sensitive compositions on piano and guitar, Millicent portrays the sounds of genuine folk with rythmic grooves and then some. Selina Koop vocals, guitar, piano; Chris DeSouza guitar; Andy Boldt bass; Kyle Radomsky drums

June 9/ Peggy Lee Band (9 PM, $5-10)

A Vancouver tradition made up of some of the city’s finest jazz & improvised music players, this band leaves audiences in awe with their collective execution of their leader’s beautiful compositions. A perfect example of the whole being even greater than the sum of its parts! Peggy Lee cello; Ron Samworth guitar; Brad Turner trumpet; Jeremy Berkman trombone; André Lachance bass; Dylan van der Schyff drums

June 10/ Darkblueworld & Tarran The Tailor (10 PM, $5-10)

Original, relevant, culturally engaged & emotionally, intellectually uncompromising songs by former Animal Slave & her musically-gifted friends with Elizabeth Fisher vocals; Ron Samworth guitar; Tony Wilson guitar; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums


To quote Ron Samworth: “Songster Tarran the Tailor could wear Tom Waits’ pants, he could also sew them… plays banjo like Robert Johnson on Mandrax. Need I say more?”


June 11 (evening)/ Spygirl & Mother (10 pm, $5-10)

Spygirl delivers slow-burning pop songs from the world of wonder. Koralee Tonack vocals, guitar; Jane Gowan Fender Rhodes, trumpet; Jon Roper guitar; James Ong keyboards; Al MacInnes bass; Eduardo Ottoni drums


Mother performs lush, interwoven vocal harmony, sentimental, tongue in cheek lyrics put to infectious pop melodies, novel chord progressions with Ryan Guldemond guitar, vocals; Molly Guldemond vocals; Debra-Jean Creelman vocals

June 11 (afternoon)/ Goma Dura (3 pm, by donation)

See info for June 4th for details.

June 12/ Dalannah Bowen Duo & Mary Kastle Band (8 PM, $5-10)

Vocalist Dalannah (formerly Gail) Bowen has been performing her special style of blues & jazz for over thirty years. Her performance background includes many performances with the likes of BB King, Taj Mahal, Willie Dixon, Lenny Breau, James Cotton and many other blues artists. Her jazz performances have been described as “sultry interpretations” & “magical” … with Harris Van Berkel on guitar

The lush and powerful sounds of Mary Kastle‘s music combine her groovy jazz vocal & piano stylings and funky arrangements with radiant harmonies and soothing R&B-tinged melodies with Russell Sholberg bass; Cary Pratt drums; Nadine Tremblay back-up vocals

June 13/ Adama (9 PM, $5-10)

Multi-talented quartet exploring the boundaries of classical, contemporary jazz and world music, composition and improvisation with Itamar Erez guitar, piano; Tony Nickles oboe, English-horn; Laurence Mollerup bass; Stefan Cihelka tabla & percussion


June 14/ Artist in Residence: Pepe Danza (9 PM, $5-10)

With The Barry Livingstone Group

Featuring Karen Graves on sax and percussion; Rebecca Shoichet on vocals; Barry Livingstone on piano; Pepe Danza on drum set and percussion; and special guests. contemporary jazz originals meet world rhythms in a new and exciting blend. Influences range from Keith Jarret to Oregon spiced by African, Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms.

June 15/ Anatma plus Andre Lachance & Marianne Trudel Duo (9 PM, $5-10)

Modern jazz outfit performs elegant, intricate original compositions with Rich Rabnett guitar; Kiyoshi Elkuf saxophones; George Mcfeteridge piano; Patrick Metzger bass; Dan Gaucher drums

Montréal based pianist/composer Marianne Trudel‘s music blends jazz, improvised music, French song and Latin music with freshness, openness and a deep commitment to lyricism. In a special duo performance with guitarist André Lachance, our pride & joy, is best known for his succulent bass playing.

June 16/ Maqam plus Midnight At The Oasis (7-9 pm dance, free; 9 pm music, $5-10)

Authentic sounds & textures of Arabic music from a modern improvisational perspective with Gord Grdina oud; Jesse Zubot violin; Jeremy Holmes bass; Liam MacDonald drums

plus Middle East Dance Association‘s student night, exploring the many facets of the art of belly-dance. Student performances will be followed by Maqam‘s audacious sounds.

June 17/ Mother Of Pearl (9 pm, $5-10)

Performing together for nearly 10 years, this dedicated, all female jazz & blues quartet cover much ground including woman composers’ works from the 40’s to the present, their own compositions, as well as standards. Karen Graves saxophone, flute, vocals; Brenda Baird keyboards; Wendy Solloway bass; Lauri Lyster drums


June 18/ Shiloh Lindsey Band & Parlour Steps (9 PM, $5-10)

Shiloh Lindsey writes & sings about beauty, darkness and determination that have brought her this far. Stylistically, she falls in the alt-country, folk-roots camp, with plenty of attitude and the ability to back it up.


Parlour Steps combine tight rock and spacious, expansive pop to create a budding genre: Thought-rock! With lyrics exploring questions of metaphysics, love and the sensory world, The Steps venture to subvert, provoke and excite…sort of… with Caleb Stull guitar, vocals; Rees Haynes guitar; Julie Bavalis bass, vocals; Rob Linton drums


June 19/ John Korsrud Electric Sextet (8 PM, $5-10)

John Korsrud, perhaps best know as the driving force behind Vancouver’s famed Hard Rubber Orchestra, presents a dizzying collection of Vancouver’s high-octane jazz/ groove-masters. These soloists represent the most in-demand musicians in town. Find out why. Post-neo-quasi-space-funk-improv at its very best. John Korsrud trumpet; Dave Say saxophone; Daryl Jahnke guitar; Chris Gestrin keys; André Lachance bass; Don Powrie drums


June 20/ Gamelan Alligator Joy (9 PM, $5-10)

Back at Rime with a different repertoire of traditional and contemporary music for Javanese gamelan, Alligator Joy has been active for 15 years as Vancouver’s “chamber” gamelan (Indonesian percussion ensemble) utilizing bronze metallophones, gongs, drums, strings, flutes & singing. Led by Sutrisno Hartana and featuring Anis Wijiastuti and Margaret Gallagher on vocals; with Mark Parlett, Gary McFarlane, Sam Salmon, Tony Reif, Jen Low, Deb Madison, Joanna Chapman-Smith and Karina Pappenbrock-Ryan.

June 21/ Artist in Residence: Pepe Danza (9 PM, $5-10)

Featuring Stefan Smulovitz on laptop, viola; with Radar Love on percussion. A magical blend of the ancient with the future. Pepe will play a large array of unique instruments from his large collection from all over the world, and Stefan will manipulate, recreate, juggle, decompose and recompose the sounds with his wizardry on laptop computer, and also throw in some viola melodies. A deep listening experience. Expect surprises and special guests.

June 22/ Inside/Extérieur (9 PM, $5-10)

Extraordinary Montreal-based pianist and composer Marianne Trudel joins forces with a crew of talented Vancouverites for a two-pronged exploration of the song form.  The first set will feature the group in a contemporary jazz mode. After the break, they will abandon all caution in favour of freewheeling improv. Marianne Trudel piano; Vivianne Houle voice; Carol Sawyer voice; Steve Bagnell reeds; André Lachance bass;Tom Foster drums

June 23/ Sarah Noni Metzner Cd Release & Corwin Fox (9 PM, $5-10)

Release party for Sarah Noni Metzner‘s debut recording “Something Beautiful”, which comes out on Harry Manx’s Dog My Cat records and portrays a merge of influences from Joni Mitchel, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal and Ani DiFranco. Stunning vocals married with musical poetry are the foundation for Sarah’s stage performance.


Fusing elements of folk, indie-rock, bluegrass, hip-hop & more, songsmith Corwin Fox creates his own style of “neo-folk”. He is as influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan & Bob Marley, as he is by Jim O’Rourke & John Zorn.


June 24/ C.R. Avery Band CD Release Party (9 PM, $5-10)

“Search this man out, C.R. Avery is terrific.”  -Tom Waits

Commercial Drive’s pride & joy, life of the proverbial party, human beat box, slam-poet-extraordinaire, multi-talented C.R. Avery throws one sweet bash to celebrate the release of his new cd “Chain Smoking Blues”.

“Imagine if Neil Young was inspired by hip-hop, and then you have C.R. Avery.”  -Vancouver Sun


June 25/ Brejera (10 pm, $10)

Great instrumentalists play mostly traditional, home-spun, heart-warming Brazilian music (forro, pagode, samba and samba/rock) using Brazilian instruments.Tiago vocals; Mario Silva guitar; Trevor Murray cavaquinho; Paul Bray pandeiro; Cassio Souza surdo

June 26 (early)/ Roger Dean Young’s “Sunday Evening Coming Down” (7 pm, by donation)

Revered alt-roots artist Roger Dean Young -with his band The Tin Cup & other friends- curates one Sunday each month of lusciously quiet, beautifully sparse mood music, just right for the occasion.


June 26 (late)/ Tony Wilson & Gerry Hemingway (10 pm, $5-10)

A natural player, peaceful renegade, musically omnivorous troubadour, guitarist Tony Wilson meets world-renowned master drummer Gerry Hemingway (of Anthony Braxton fame) for an intense improvisational sparring session. Both men possess that “x-factor”, along with the skills to pay the bills!


June 27/ Deadpan plus Tyson Naylor Trio (9 pm, $5)

Utilizing extended compositions and improvised forms, the music of Deadpan takes inspiration from a variety of contemporary jazz ensembles and musicians including Atomic, Wayne Horvitz, Ken Vandermark and the multiple projects of Tim Berne. Led by drummer/composer Ben Wilson, this quartet includes improvisers Jeremy Page on tenor sax; Tyson Naylor on keyboards and bassist Shanto Bhattacharya

Pianist Tyson Naylor‘s dynamic trio with avant-jazz leanings plays original tunes inspired by the likes of Monk, Dollar Brand and McCoy Tyner… with Russell Sholberg bass; Skye Brooks drums.

June 28/ Artist in Residence: Pepe Danza (9 PM, $5-10)

The Thin Air Ensemble is a loose and highly creative group that plays contemporary and traditional Eastern music, featuring Alcvin Ramos on shakuhachi, didgeridoo and percussion, Pepe on a wide array of percussion, string and wind instruments including the shakuhachi, and special guests from Asia and the Middle East. A feast of traditional and improvised sounds from the realms of the Buddhas.

June 29/ Grrrls With Guitars (9 PM, $6-10)

Curated by singer-songwriter Nadine Davenport, Grrrls with Guitars has been around for over 10 years, presenting over 500 women songwriters, including Kinnie Starr, Po’ Girl, Linda McRae. After Nadine’s solo set, jazz/pop diva, vocalist, songwriter Coco Love Alcorn will take the stage.


June 30/ Inhabitants plus Vortex Pimps (9 PM, $5-10)

“Blissful, yet dissonant ambience” – The Stranger

From melodic to minimalist, from deep groove to all out noise; this quartet inhabit Vancouver’s music underground… Dave Sikula guitar; JP Carter trumpet; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums


From Seattle, Vortex Pimps make rhythmic & linear music that incorporates many different musical experiences. Each performance develops out of the feel of the venue and audience. Adam Diller tenor saxophone, synthesizer; Matt Crane drums

July 1/ The Golden Wedding Band (10 pm, $5-10)

Infectious kitchen sink music from the 20’s through to the present by this swinging party band … covered styles include: country-swing, rhumba, tango, calypso, dixieland, jazz & blues with “Perfesser” Chris Dean tenor banjo, guitar, vocals; Andrew Burden trombone, baritone sax, sousaphone, vocals; Colin Maskell soprano sax; Clive “Pops” Jackson bass; Matt Belbin drums, percussion

July 2/ Tony Wilson Sextet (10 pm, $5-10) One of Vancouver’s greatest working bands and best kept secrets, bursting with young talent, led by veteran guitarist Tony Wilson with Jesse Zubot violin; Masa Anzai saxophones; J.P. Carter trumpet; Russell Sholberg bass; Skye Brooks drums

July 3/ Nick Jaina, Kevin House & Mother (8 PM, $5-10)

One beautiful triple-bill!

Nick Jaina plays guitar and piano ballads with devastatingly good lyrics.  He will be featuring songs from his new album “The Bluff of All Time”, mixing the grace and smoothness of Paul Simon with the street vernacular and grittiness of Tom Waits.


As the instigator of the whole “Artist In Residence” idea at Rime and our first resident in February, Kevin House is one troubadour, whose spooky, impressionistic fairy tales with ornate, burnished melodies stun audiences each and every time.


Mother, Rime’s well-loved avant-barbershop trio, is back! See more info on the June 11th  blurb.

Standard Admission: $5-10 sliding scale for most concerts

Standard Showtimes: Sun: 8 pm; Monday-Thursday: 9 pm; Fri-Sat: 10 pm for most shows

Rime is located at 1130 Commercial Drive (between William & Napier)

Tel. 604.215.1130

We’re open nightly for dinner & live performance. We’re also open for lunch on Saturday & Sunday.

Monday-Friday: 5 pm – 1 am

Saturday: Noon – 1 am

Sunday: Noon – Midnight

We accept Visa, M/C & debit cards

Reservations for parties of 10 or more are possible & recommended

Check out our menu

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