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July 2005 at Rime (click to download calendar in PDF)



REMINDER! Multi-instrumentalist, roots legend DAVID LINDLEY is visiting RIME for a rare solo concert on JULY 29TH! Special Guest will be guitarist Steve Dawson. Early & late shows available at $20 in advance at Highlife, Red Cat, Scratch, Zulu, & Rime or $25 at the door. Selling like hot cakes…very few tickets left for the early show…

John Korsrud
John Korsrud

Our Artist In Residence on Tuesdays in July, composer, band leader, trumpeter John Korsrud has performed with everyone from DOA to Dal Richards, Veda Hille to The Duke Ellington Orchestra. One of Canada’s most prominent composers, John has been commissioned by The Vancouver Symphony, The CBC Radio Orchestra, television, dance companies and several European ensembles. He leads the 18-piece Hard Rubber Orchestra, Orquesta Goma Dura and various other strange and unusual projects.


July 1/ The Golden Wedding Band (10 pm, $5-10) Infectious kitchen sink music from the 20’s through to the present by this swinging party band … covered styles include: country-swing, rhumba, tango, calypso, dixieland, jazz & blues with “Perfesser” Chris Dean tenor banjo, guitar, vocals; Andrew Burden trombone, baritone sax, sousaphone, vocals; Colin Maskell soprano sax; Clive “Pops” Jackson bass; Matt Belbin drums, percussion

July 2/ (afternoon) Pé-de-cana (3 pm, by donation)  Every Saturday afternoon in July, these wickedly talented core trio of instrumentalists, who have performed numerous times as part of Brejera & won over crowds at Rime, will play some beautifully home-spun, heart-warming Brazilian music, including choro, samba, bossa-nova and a little jazz. They will be joined by different guest instrumentalists on various wind, string, percussion instruments and vocals for each performance. I can’t think of many finer ways to spend a Saturday afternoon… Mario Silva guitar; Trevor Murray cavaquinho; Paul Bray percussion.

July 2/ (evening) Tony Wilson Sextet (10 pm, $5-10) One of Vancouver’s greatest working bands and best kept secrets, bursting with young talent, led by veteran guitarist Tony Wilson with Jesse Zubot violin; Masa Anzai saxophones; J.P. Carter trumpet; Russell Sholberg bass; Skye Brooks drums.

July 3/ (afternoon) Cronin/Sikula/Gaucher Trio (3 pm, by donation) Every Sunday afternoon in July, we have live music! The first three Sundays in July, we’ll be treated to these three constants of the Vancouver jazz & creative music scene, playing music that they would want to listen to. One talented jazz outfit! Dave Sikula guitar; Sean Cronin bass; Dan Gaucher drums.

July 3/ (afternoon) Nick Jaina, Kevin House & Mother (8 PM, $5-10) One beautiful triple-bill!

Nick Jaina plays guitar and piano ballads with devastatingly good lyrics.  He will be featuring songs from his new album “The Bluff of All Time”, mixing the grace and smoothness of Paul Simon with the street vernacular and grittiness of Tom Waits. www.binarydolls.com/nickjaina

As the instigator of the whole “Artist In Residence” idea at Rime and our first resident in February, Kevin House is one troubadour, whose spooky, impressionistic fairy tales with ornate, burnished melodies stun audiences each and every time. www.kevinhouse.ca

Rime’s well-loved avant-barbershop trio, is back! Mother performs lush, interwoven vocal harmony, sentimental, tongue in cheek lyrics put to infectious pop melodies, novel chord progressions with Ryan Guldemond guitar, vocals; Molly Guldemond vocals; Debra-Jean Creelman vocals.

July 4/ Saul Berson Quartet (9 pm, $5-10) The focus of this great quartet is to create an eclectic mix of music incorporating Middle-Eastern overtones with a pinch of Piazzolla thrown in for good measure.  It is music that “creates an intense set of Arabian rhythms and…is a delirious mess of tango and klezmer”  Cadence

“Fine stuff!  What a treat, I love this disc; I am going to put it in my big bin for my end of the year ‘Hit List’ roundup… The music just makes me smile…Well done, may it sell millions!” Jurgen Gothe – CBC Discdrive

Saul Berson alto saxophone; Tony Wilson guitar; Kim Darwin accordion; Danny Parker bass

July 5/ Artist In Residence: John Korsrud / Shango Ashé (9 pm, $5-10) Named after the God of thunder, percussionist Jack Duncan has assembled some of Canada’s finest to create The Shango Ashé World Jazz Ensemble, a group that blurs the lines between jazz and Latin music. Intense Afro-Latin rhythms are the foundation which launches their explorations. In Brazil, Shango is worshipped as a thunder and weath Lisa Miller’s Q er god by the Umbandists. John Korsrud trumpet; Mike Braverman saxes; Lou Mastroianni piano; Danny Parker bass; Jack Duncan congas; Phil Belanger timbales


July 6/ Lisa Miller’s Q (9 pm, $5-10) “The pianist possesses serious talent. Most impressive is how suggestive her pieces are-not in the lascivious sense, but in their quicksilver ability to evoke a variety of subtle emotions. Although Miller can attack the piano with Tyneresque force when necessary, she more frequently employs a light touch and an even lighter hand with tonality, playing with a kind of delicious ambiguity that connotes not just different feelings, but different key signatures as well”  Alexander Varty –  The Georgia Straight

Lisa’s tunes and compositions interpreted by some of the city’s best improvisors. Peggy Lee cello; Lisa Miller piano; Steve Smith bass; Dylan van der Schyff drums

July 7/ The Lido (9 pm, $5-10) A debut.  A dark-roasted blend of jazz and folk. A collaboration of original composition and lyric featuring a group of celebrated local musicians, both instrumental and vocal.  Julie McGeer vocals; Jillian Lebeck piano, vocals; Peggy Lee cello; Kevin Elaschuck trumpet; André Lachance bass; Paul Townsend drums

July 8/ Courtney Wing plus Andrea Revel (10 pm, $5-10) “… a displaced left Coaster with soul, groove and something to prove and an excess of ability to do it” Jamie O’Meara – Montreal Hour

Wing’s music can be best coined as progressive folk and pop that incorporates lilting guitar melodies, strong and soulful vocals, and unique arrangements to make up melody rich songs that are guaranteed to soothe in a live setting.

Courtney Wing guitar, vocals; Mark Beach guitar,synthesizer; Matt Smith drums


“[Revel] will convince even the staunchest traditionalist that modern technology and old-fashioned balladry can co-exist. Brian Eno would be proud.” Exclaim! Magazine

Andrea Revel guitar, vocals


July 9/ (afternoon) Pé-de-cana (3 pm, by donation) Please, see July 2 for details.

July 9/ (evening) Duchess & The Dukes of Swing plus Tall Brothers (10 pm, $5-10)

Good Times Double-Bill!

Un-curdle your martini with the lush lounge, swing sounds of this veteran jazz band with much humour, personality & plenty of edge!

Noelle Pion vocals; Daniel Miles Kane saxophones; Budge Schachte guitar; Al Johnston bass; Mark Halpin drums; Martin Romero conga.

Led by Tom & Bill Small, Tall Brothers will sure to get you high one way or another…either with reefer songs from the 30’s & 40’s made famous by the likes of Nat Cole, Ella & Django…or with a “big fat stick of tea”…”save the roach for me”… Bill Small guitar, vocal; Danny Kane sax, vocal; Tom Small bass, vocal; Mark Halpin drums, vocal www.tallbrothers.tripod.com

July 10/ (afternoon) Cronin/Sikula/Gaucher Trio (3 pm, by donation) See July 3 for details

July 10/  (evening) Dan Gaucher’s Stop-Time Quartet plus Bent Tail with Heather Haley & Julie Vik (8 pm, $5-10) Stop-Time, a quartet of East Vancouver musicians are assembled here to play music focused on time: The measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues.  an appointed, fixed, or customary moment. A rate of speed. A person’s experience during a specified period on a particular occasion.  Stop. Time.  Evan Arntzen saxophones; Ian Cox piano; Sean Cronin bass; Daniel Gaucher drums

Two veteran artists, Heather Haley (spoken-word/vocals) and Julie Vik (guitar, spoken-word/vocals), join forces to form Bent Tail,  a unique and sublime fusion of new song and spoken word. www.heatherhaley.com/bent.html


July 11/ Ronley Teper (9 pm, $5-10)

“The Ronley is quite a peculiar creature”… says her bio. We love The Ronley around here! A brilliant mish-mash of roots, folk cabaret, world, jazz, blues & electronica… like an old pair of silk slippers, Vancouverites will slip into this sweet-voiced, inventive Torontonian artist’s creative work, augmented by two of our finest players… of these facts, we’re certain… what exactly will happen on stage that night, we’re not so sure, as every night she creates a thing of one-off beauty!  Ronley Teper voice, guitar; JP Carter trumpet, effects; Russell Sholberg bass


July 12/ Artist In Residence: John Korsrud / Johnny Reno Electric Band (9 pm, $5-10) Post-neo-quasi-space-funk-improv. These are the creme de la creme de la creme of Vancouver’s high-octane jazz grooveoids.

Serious burning space funk!  Daryl Jahnke guitar; John Korsrud trumpet; Dave Say saxophone; Chris Gestrin keys; André Lachance bass; Don Powrie drums

July 13/ Bill Horist & Mecca Normal (9 pm, $5-10) Innovative Seattle improviser, guitarist & electronicist, Bill Horist, whose prepared guitar work is informed by Hans Reichel, Fred Frith, and Henry Kaiser, performs music that can best be described as strange & beautiful. Bill has performed with some of the finest improvisers in the world & will also join 20-year participants in the international alternative scene, electric guitar and voice duo Mecca Normal, who will debut songs from their next Kill Rock Stars CD.

“Arguably the greatest rock band without a rhythm section ever, the duo of acid-voiced singer Jean Smith and guitar hero David Lester must be seen to be believed.” – Douglas Wolk

Mecca Normal‘s music is paradoxically intuitive and highly stylized. Smith is an extraordinary rock poet delivering compact short stories from her next book. Lester’s adventurous guitar playing creates a sonic equivalent to Smith’s voice — a language all his own. www.billhorist.com


July 14/ Herald Nix with Guest Dave Gowans (9 pm, $10)  Guitarist, singer Herald Nix has long been one of the most respected artists in the Canadian underground scene. Ten years before people started talking ‘alt country’ and ‘Americana’, Nix was writing and playing music that drew on very deep roots. For his first intimate concert at Rime, he’s joined by the killer rhythm section of Jeremy Holmes on bass and Jay Johnson on drums.

***** (FIVE STARS)

“One of a kind. A work of sublime musical art” – Toronto Star


Dave Gowans, of the Buttless Chaps, can pick a mean banjo & sing old timey songs like it’s nobody’s business. A class solo act all the way!


July 15/ Sunmay / Ana Bon-Bon / Brian Dunn (9 pm, $10) One Killer Triple Bill!

From Seattle, full of the understated playing & sparseness of old country/folk, Sunmay‘s debut, “You Can Make Beautiful Things”, is woven throughout with pure pop sensibility and Americana, as well as lush orchestration. Sunmay’s split affinity for acoustic purity and electronic experimentation will be evident with Deborah Bartley vocals, guitar, harmonica; Chris Pugh guitar; Andy Scheen bass.


One of the city’s finest accordionist-singer-performers and funniest beings anywhere, Ana Bon-Bon‘s burlesque/wandering minstrels show is a must see/hear event! Ms. Bon-Bon will feature some of her new originals in the cabaret style with a large dose of humour, sensual and suggestive lyrics, as well as songs from her repertoire of gospel, swing/blues, and show tunes.

“Nodding to old blues, gospel, and Tin Pan Alley tunesmithing, Vancouver’s Ana Bon-Bon and her full-bodied voice and accordion playing bring a vintage bawdy-house bon-temps vibe to life.” – Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror

“Most bootylicious local musician: If I were Filippo Gambetta, I’d call her up right away.” – accordionist/singer Amy Stephens


Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, singer, songwriter, guitarist Brian Dunn performs music heavily flavoured with alt-country, bluegrass and a pinch of rock. A tasty one man show of delectible originals that must be heard live!


July 16/ (afternoon) Pé-de-cana (3 pm, by donation) Please, see July 2 for details.

July 16/ (evening) Sangha with Mystery Guest (10 pm, $5-10) Drawing from a melting pot of, predominantly Arabic, Persian and Indian, musical/improvisational traditions, yet forging a new path, Sangha plays anything from Indian classical rhythms mixed with Persian improvisation in one piece, Arabic melodic modulation set in a Persian mode in another, to African melody set inside a Westernized improvisational structure in the next. A special mystery guest will join Gord Grdina on oud, Neelamjit Dhillon on tabla and Hamin Honari on tombak. www.sanghamusic.com

July 17/ (afternoon) Cronin/Sikula/Gaucher Trio (3 pm, by donation) See July 3 for details

July 17/ (evening) Stringfever / Casablanca Cowboys (8 pm, $5-10) East Vancouver’s well-loved Gypsy-jazz/new-grass outfit, Stringfever plays joyous, life affirming swing music with 13-year-old dynamo-violinist Stefan Thordarson, his father, violin & viola master Doug Thordarson and local swing greats Ron Thompson on guitar & Brent Gubbles on bass. The second set will feaure the Casablanca Cowboys, a trio that manages to play very well even without Stefan’s contributions…a pleasantly nostalgic journey of old swing standards, including some great vocal action. www.stringfever.ca

July 18/ Hilary Grist CD Release Party “On My Way” (9 pm, $5-10) Thoughtful songwriting and a refined singing approach are met by the talents of Hilary Grist‘s stellar band with guitarist Dave Sikula, bassist Patrick Metzger and drummer Dan Gaucher.  A quiet, but intense brand of contemporary folk by a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.  www.hilarygrist.com

July 19/ Artist In Residence: John Korsrud & Friends (9 pm, $5-10) From New York City. Music by Debussy, Poulenc, Piazzola and original song by pianist Francine Kay, who has soloed with major orchestras across the US and Canada and will perform with Kathy Halvorson, a Boston oboist with a unique voice and flair for great improv. www.analekta.com/site/bio.e/kay_fr.html


The second set features the movement and contact improvisation of modern dancers Anne Cooper and Jennifer Clark accompanied by some of Vancouver’s most strangely emphatic musicians Ron Samworth on guitar, Torsten Müller on bass and John Korsrud on trumpet..


July 20/ John Millard & Happy Day (9 pm, $10)

“…a mixture of the Lone Ranger and Kurt Weill”

From Toronto, banjoist, multi-instrumentalist, singer John Millard is as quirky as they come; part John Hartford, part kamikaze poet, he and his band cover a wide range across the musical landscape, touching on theater music, old-timey tunes, happy dances and traumatic nightmares. Christine Brubaker vocals; Karin Randoja vocals; Randi Helmers vocals; Dragoslav Tanascovic accordion; Rob Clutton bass; Mark Duggan percussion


July 21/ Maryem Tollar (9 pm, $10) From Toronto, vocalist, composer, songwriter, co-founder of Maza Meze, Maryem Tollar‘s vision of the world as an Arabic-Canadian woman is unique and important. Combining songs she has written, collaborations with partner Ernie Tollar, the poems of her uncle she has set to music and traditional Arabic compositions, Maryem has fashioned a repertoire that has deep roots in the past while unblinkingly addressing the world she lives in… with Ernie Tollar saxes, flute; Levon Ichkanian guitar, oud; Rich Brown bass; Debashis Sinha percussion.


July 22/ Juan DeMarias (10 pm, $10)

Fiesta Flamenca! A spellbinding evening of Flamenco dance, song and music. This special event features Vancouver guitarist Juan de Marias, singer Luis Gutierrez and dancers Karen, Monica and Edie. Experience the beautiful and fiery Flamenco music from Spain!


July 23/ (afternoon) Pé-de-cana (3 pm, by donation) Please, see July 2 for details.

July 23/ (evening) Blind God plus The Kevin House Band (10 pm, $5-10) Is there a more beautifully raw & powerful duo/unit in town with a huge New York sound a la Morphine than Blind God? You decide… Vampire-Delta blues… music you already know deep down…best band you may never have heard before! Dave Olajide steel guitar, banjo, vocals; Ray Garroway drums.

Songster, guitarist, Rime favourite, Kevin House brings his highly skilled rhythm section – Russell Sholberg on bass & Skye Brooks on drums, to cause some emotional & cerebral mayhem, as only he can… www.kevinhouse.ca

July 24/ (afternoon) Sean Cronin Quintet (3 pm, by donation) Cronin has brought together five musicians who share a sensitivity to sound – his originals are thoughtful and melodic, drawing on many influences, jazz and beyond, and his band interprets them with the perfect combination of openness and deep swing. Paul Chandler trumpet; Evan Arntzen saxophone; Amanda Tosoff piano; Sean Cronin bass; Julian MacDonough drums

July 24/ (evening) Archie Pateman & The Breakmen (8 pm, $5-10) Providing a refreshing take on traditional bluegrass, The Breakmen slide from smoky 1920’s Delta blues to swinging originals with ease.  Archie Pateman banjo, guitar, vocals; Lee Watson guitar, vocals; Ben Rogalsky mandolin, vocals; Matt Lawson bass, vocals

July 25/ Linda McRae & The Commercial Drivers (9 pm, $5-10) Singer, songwriter, guitarist, accordionist and Spirit of the West alum, Linda McRae & The Commercial Drivers play country music that is laid back, yet danceable… good natured, friendly and fun.  Linda has summoned the invaluable services of some great players with an affinity for the country thing, including accordionist Nova Devonie, guitarist Stephen Nikleva and bassist/lapsteel player Martin Walton www.lindamcrae.com

July 26/ Artist In Residence: John Korsrud / Orquesta Goma Dura (9 PM, $10-20) The 20-piece Orquesta Goma Dura is one of this continent’s largest salsa orchestras and one of the most exciting ensembles anywhere. OGD featuring an all-star collection of Vancouver’s salsa and latin-jazz communities with multiple singers, four percussionists, eleven horns transform any room into party central… it will be impossible to sit still!  Susana Abreu, Danay Sinclair vocals; Jack Duncan congas; Martin Romero, Phil Belanger timbales; Edgar Romero bongos/coro; Allan Johnston bass/coro; Lou Mastroianni piano; Ross Gregory, Derry Byrne, Kent Wallace trumpet; Dennis Esson, Rod Murray, Jeremy Berkman, Brad Muirhead trombone; Bill Runge, Mike Braverman, Graham Ord, Daniel Miles Kane saxophones; John Korsrud director www.hardrubber.com/ork.htm

July 27/ Steve Smith’s Steps (9 pm, $5-10)  Bassist, bandleader Steve Smith is an active member of our jazz community and a prolific composer. His Steps project includes some of the city’s best players creating a moody, swinging, and altogether modern thing of beauty.  Dave Say tenor saxophone; Steve Fisk guitar; Lisa Miller piano; Steve Smith bass; Dave Robbins drums

July 28/ Bon-Bon & Rose plus Pigby (9 pm, $5-10) Combining gospel, blues & cabaret tunes with bluegrass and swing interpretations of traditionals and originals, these two well-loved gals of Ukranian heritage met while playing in the Turkish Gypsy band Something About Reptiles and have built a bond to create music that moves from dramatic, dark storytelling to hip-slingin’ swing. Ana Bon-Bon accordion, vocals; Amelia Rose fiddle, vocals

Paul Pigat and Paul Rigby are Pigby, a powerful guitar duo with solid credentials (Carolyn Mark, Neko Case, Bocephus King…) are established Vancouver guitarists. They’ve joined forces to pay homage to their many influences, blending swing, Latin, classical, country music & more…an energetic and eclectic unit not to be missed.

July 29/ David Lindley with Guest Steve Dawson (8 pm & 11 pm, $20 in advance / $25 at the door)

Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley is truly a roots legend. After investing much time studying the American folk tradition as a youngster and winning the Topanga Canyon Banjo & Fiddle Contest five times, Lindley founded & led Kaleidoscope, which may be the very first world music rock band. Best known for his work as an integral part of seminal 1970’s recordings such as Jackson Browne’s Running On Emty and as Browne’s most significant musical co-conspirator until 1981, Lindley played quite a bit with his band El Rayo X in the 80’s. Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Iggy Pop, Little Feat, Warren Zevon, Ry Cooder and many other greats have benefited hugely from Mr. Lindley’s tasty chops on various recording sessions &/or tours. His recent &  hugely successful collaborations with percussionists Hani Naser and Wally Ingram have resulted in continous touring for Lindley.

The David Lindley electro-acoustic performance effortlessly combines American folk, blues, and bluegrass traditions with elements from African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, Malagasy, and Turkish musical sources. Lindley incorporates an incredible array of stringed instruments including but not limited to Kona and Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar, Turkish saz and cümbüş, Middle Eastern oud, and Irish bouzouki. The eye-poppingly clad “Mr. Dave’s” uncanny vocal mimicry and demented sense of humor make his onstage banter a highlight of the show.  www.davidlindley.com

Best known for his work with his versatile musical partner Jesse Zubot in Zubot & Dawson, Juno Award winner Steve Dawson has been playing and recording professionally since he was 15 years old. He has toured extensively in North America and Europe both as a frontman and sideman for various groups. His instrumental abilities have allowed him to share the stage with internationally-known musicians such as Bob Brozman, John Lee Hooker, Chris Whitley, Kelly Joe Phelps, and many others. As evidenced in an April show at Rime, Steve’s solo show is mesmerizing, both in terms of his gifted playing on various guitars and heartfelt vocal delivery.  www.blackhenmusic.com

All this in the intimate confines of Rime! As a music fan, if there’s one show this year you absolutely can’t miss, this is it!

July 30/ (afternoon) Pé-de-cana (3 pm, by donation) Please, see July 2 for details.

July 30/ (evening) Ganga Giri (10 pm, $10-15)

Hailing from Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, Ganga Giri mixes red natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological deep earth dance experience. Explosive and pulsating, at times ambient and flowing, the music is a pumping percussive multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep natural sound. Ganga himself is a rhythmic didjeridu virtuoso and percussionist— an inspired music creator whose passion brings people together in celebration of nowness in newness, a modern day corroberre for all! Ganga will be joined by great instrumentalists: percussionist, flutist Mike, electronicist, mixologist V-Ka, bassist, laptopper Sean Hillwww.gangagiri.com

July 31/ (afternoon) Gord Grdina Trio (3 pm, by donation)

Joined by the new rhythm section for his Boxcutter project, guitarist Gord Grdina wears many musical hats and is one of the hardest working players in town. The trio will play some lovely Sunday afternoon music to remind us why we’re here… with Karlis Silins bass; Kenton Loewen drums.

July 31/ (evening) Building Blocks with Paul Plimley & Friends (8 pm, $5-10)

Pianist, composer, improvisor Paul Plimley has been active nationally and internationally for over 20 years. Having performed with a “who’s who” list of improvisors over the years, he’s currently interested in challenging himself with expanding his vocabulary & command on the guitar. Joining him are three talented instrumentalists in explorations through composition and improvisation. Paul Plimley guitar, piano; Phil Emerson guitar; Tommy Babbit bass; Victoria Gibson vocals, percussion

www.paulplimley.com www.vix.ca

USUAL ADMISSION:  $5-10 sliding scale for most concerts

USUAL SHOWTIMES:  Sun: 8 pm; Monday-Thursday: 9 pm; Fri-Sat: 10 pm for most shows

Rime is located at 1130 Commercial Drive (between William & Napier)

Tel. 604.215.1130



We’re open nightly for dinner & live performance. We’re also open for lunch on Saturday & Sunday.

Monday-Friday: 5 pm – 1 am

Saturday: Noon – 1 am

Sunday: Noon – Midnight

We accept Visa, M/C & debit cards

Reservations for parties of 10 or more are possible & recommended

Check out our menu

We’re damn proud of this month’s sizzling & vivacious line-up! Don’t be a square…be there!!

Cem Zafir

Zula Productions


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