2006.01 –> January 2006 at Rime

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Roger Dean Young
Roger Dean Young

Appearing at Rime every Tuesday evening in January as our Artist in Residence (AIR), country lad, guitarist & folk singer Roger Dean Young reportedly takes direction for his musical wanderings from whatever ruts his boots stumble into. Over the past few years Young has shown up at New Forms as a guest of electronica act, Pellucid, led the house band for the 24-hour Film Festival, and seen his atmospheric folk compared to Led Zeppelin (huh?) in venerable British magazine, NME. For the month of January he thumbs his filofax, fires up his blackberry and invites a few of the musicians he has fallen in with down to Rime on Tuesday nights as part of the popular Artist in Residence series. Robert Plant will not be attending.


Sun, Jan 1/ Closed

Mon, Jan 2/ The Crackling & The Idiots! (9 pm, $5-10)

Kenton Loewen‘s music is lucid, delicate, intense and fiery. The Crackling features a strong focus on melody, vocals and guitar work… making for a transporting experience … a dynamic band and communication that is truly captivating. Kenton Loewen guitar, vocals; Sarah Donald violin, vocals; Debra-Jean Creelman vocals; Tyson Naylor keys, vocals; Jeremy Page bass, vocals; Dan Gaucher drums

Back from Toronto for a short visit, Roey Shemesh & Howard Goldbach collaborate as The Idiots! With a focus on strong songwriting and crafted melody, meshing vocals, electric bass and guitar with synthesizers and drum loops. Idiots! welcomes the friendship between electronic sounds and sounds with organic origin.


Tue, Jan 3/ AIR: Roger Dean Young (9 pm, $5-10)

Highly sought after jazz drummer Kelby MacNayr has been spotted in Roger Dean Young‘s collective The Tin Cup and on this first Tuesday of 2006 he makes the trip from Victoria as a guest of Rime. The first set will feature Cuban pianist Cary Garcia Yero of the band La Candela. The Tin Cup will exploit MacNayr’s rhythm-scapes for a set of atmospheric folk improvisation with Chris Rippin guitar; Shaun Brodie trumpet; Mark Beaty bass; Super Robertson bass; Kori Miyanishi banjo, fiddle



Wed, Jan 4/ Headwater (9 pm, $5-10)

Headwater consists of songwriter, string players Jonas Shandel and Matt Bryant from North Vancouver, and features a powerful rhythm section of Patrick Metzger on upright bass and Dan Gaucher on drums. The typical Headwater set contains over half original material, and cover material including Gillian Welch, Bruce Springsteen and Nirvana. Headwater focuses their live energy on keeping the crowd moving with infectious rhythms, improvisational experimentation and their very apparent love of performing.

Thu, Jan 5/ Lisa Miller Trio & Viviane Houle Quartet (9 pm, $5-10)

“The pianist possesses serious talent. Most impressive is how suggestive her pieces are-not in the lascivious sense, but in their quicksilver ability to evoke a variety of subtle emotions.” Alexander Varty – The Georgia Straight

Lisa Miller Trio will perform Lisa’s spacious tunes. Inspired by Bobo Stenson, the sound is intelligent and sincere with exposed open dialogue. Lisa Miller piano; Steve Smith bass; Tom Foster drums

From unexpected sounds to unexpected beauty, Viviane Houle Quartet will seduce when they perform original tunes, improvised song, and irreverent improvisations. Featuring the songs, texts and vocals by Viviane Houle, with Russell Sholberg on bass, Mike Magnusson on drums, and Jeff Younger on guitar

The two units will also merge at some point and work as an impromptu ensemble.

Fri, Jan 6/ Rae Spoon DVD Release Party (9 pm, $5-10)

After his first six years on the Vancouver music scene, guitarist, banjoist, vocalist Rae Spoon is releasing a DVD of live performances and a music video compiled by the local production company Tractorgrease. This will be his last local performance before a 3 month stint of clubs and folk festivals in the USA and Australia. Cameron Latimer of the Seams will be performing a solo set featuring songs off of his upcoming LP, Gin Train.



Sat, Jan 7/ (aft) Moritz Behm Trio (3 pm, by donation)

Saturday afternoons in January, Moritz Behm Trio, featuring Moritz Behm on violin, Allan Dionne on drums, and Boris Favre on bass, play music based on a mix of Celtic, rock, and classical influences, launching into improvisational new directions at the drop of a hat.


Sat, Jan 7/ (eve) Elephant Island & Great Aunt Ida (10 pm, $5-10)

Elephant Island sits at the crossroads of cozy and haunting, or of mellow and compelling, or maybe of pretty and interesting. Gentle but catchy? Wherever it is, it’s a warm place. Finger-style guitar, accordion and brushed drums give a hushed impression, but the music never sounds subdued, or even particularly folky. The unexpected melodies, insidious rhythms, and poetic lyrics are very immediate; this is too interesting, and too emotional to be background music. Afterwards, you can’t remember how you bobbed your head so much to songs that seemed so quiet. Emily Milliken vocals, guitar; Galen Hartley vocals, guitar; Jamie Cummins accordion, Rhodes; Kelby MacNayr drums


A long awaited vehicle for Ida Nilsen‘s talents as a pianist, singer and songwriter, Great Aunt Ida (for this date) also includes Jonathan Anderson on guitar, Scott Malin on bass & Barry Mirochnick on drums. Extolled for their contributions to some of the most innovative and acclaimed bands to surface amid Vancouver’s independent music scene, Great Aunt Ida’s talented co-conspirators provide the perfect foil for Nilsen’s pretty voice, instantly memorable melodies and elegant piano…great songs by a great band … with fond memories of the *great* (sugar refinery)…


Sun, Jan 8/ (aft) Sunday Afternoon Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

Sunday afternoons at 3 pm: Drummer Jesse Cahill hosts a weekly jam session to provide a good meeting ground for great players from all over town, including some of the finest up and coming music students. Along with Jesse, the house band will include Terry Deane on tenor saxophone, Tommy Babbin on bass.

Sun, Jan 8/ (eve) Tarran The Tailor (9 pm, $5-10)

To quote guitarist Ron Samworth: “Songster Tarran the Tailor could wear Tom Waits’ pants, he could also sew them… plays banjo like Robert Johnson on Mandrax. Need I say more?”

Tarran has been described “a subtle madman”, walking his neighbourhood of songs blind, feeling each step, one word at a time, squeezing each syllable for the drips of meaning with the fabulous Nayana Priya on percussion.



Mon, Jan 9/ Millicent plus Brian & Sara (9 pm, $5-10)

As Millicent, Selina Koop on piano, vocals and Sara Fitzpatrick violin, vocals create a warm soundscape of bittersweet melodies and evocative lyrics that leave you feeling a sense of solace. This charming duo comes from a dynamic musical background including classical, jazz, folk, and soul.

Brian & Sara are two young jazz students exploring a new approach to classic fiddle and country tunes. Sara Fitzpatrick and her crying fiddle meld with Brian Sumners‘ rhythmic jazz guitar to create a pervasive, original sound.

Tue, Jan 10/ AIR: Roger Dean Young (9 pm, $5-10)

According to Young, it all comes back to the song and on this night he invites 7 fine songwriters to join him in a singer in the round double-header. Cameron Dilworth (the Neins Circa), L. Abramson, Chris Kelly (That Kelly Boy), Kent McAlister, Caleb Stull (Parlour Steps) Lynn Heinemann (Portico), & Sarah MacDougall take the stage in fours and sling guitars to take aim at the muse.







Wed, Jan 11/ Trio Ochs, Masaoka, Lee (9 pm, $10)

Thu, Jan 12/ Trio Ochs, Masaoka, Lee (9 pm, $10)

Three amazing, world-renowned performers join forces to compose an incredible unit!

Bay Area native Larry Ochs -composer, sopranino & tenor saxophones- formed this unusual trio of saxophone, cello, and Japanese koto to perform a special commission for a concert in San Francisco in 2000. The composition was expressly composed to include both notation and improvisation. The three players, originally including Joan Jeanrenaud (of Kronos Quartet fame) on cello, had a great time preparing the piece, and the first performances were encouraging enough that a plan was hatched to continue the trio when possible. San Francisco composer, koto player, electronicist Miya Masaoka and Ochs already played in the trio Maybe Monday with guitarist Fred Frith that was mainly dedicated to collective improvisation. Rather than pure, collective spontaneous-composition – the terrain of Maybe Monday – this current trio works from compositions written for improvisers. As of 2004, Vancouver’s own Peggy Lee has marvellously filled Jeanrenaud’s big shoes on cello. Do not miss this most exciting trio!


Fri, Jan 13/ Parlour Steps plus Stephen Hedley (9 pm, $5-10)

Parlour Steps combine tight rock and spacious, expansive pop to create a budding genre: Thought-rock! With lyrics exploring questions of metaphysics, love and the sensory world, The Steps venture to subvert, provoke and excite…sort of… with Caleb Stull guitar, vocals; Rees Haynes guitar; Julie Bavalis bass, vocals; Rob Linton drums


Stephen Hedley gives us soaring, creative vocals and unique songwriting style, his memorable lyricism and vocals with a timeless and captivating groove.


Sat, Jan 14/ (aft) Moritz Behm Trio (3 pm, by donation)

See January 7th for more info.

Sat, Jan 14/ (eve) Sara Marreiros (9 pm, $5-10)

Rumours about a remarkable young woman in Victoria singing fado (fate) drifted across the Strait of Georgia to the Big City. Fado is to Portugal what flamenco is to Spain and what the blues are to the American South: songs clearly from the folk and their experiences of life’s crueller moments. What begins as poetry and music about loneliness and broken hearts becomes an expression of saudade (the yearning). Sara Marreiros could always hear the siren song of fado, but it wasn’t until her heart had its own cruel experiences with life that she felt ready to sing the music she had heard since she was a girl. Now her jazz has a little fado in it, and her fado has the grace note of jazz and her love for bossa nova.

Sara Marreiros vocals; Galen Hartley guitar; Dan Weisenburger Portuguese guitarra; Nathan Gage upright bass; Kelby MacNayr drums

Sun, Jan 15/ (aft) Prince Albert Composition Workshop Band (1 pm, by donation)

Sunday afternoons at 1 pm: Drummer Dan Gaucher & friends have created Prince Albert Composition Workshop Band as a musical vehicle with the sole purpose of exploring original compositions from its members, all young up and coming musicians in Vancouver…the music is written for this band specifically. The instrumentation presenting both a challenge for the composer and a diverse sonic palette to draw from…with Neil Dylan tabla, alto sax, flute, and sitar; Evan Arntzen clarinet; Catherine Toren piano; Sean Cronin acoustic bass; Shanto Bhattacharya cello

Sun, Jan 15/ (aft) Sunday Afternoon Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

See January 8th for more info.

Sun, Jan 15/ (eve) Rutherford/Müller/van der Schyff (9 pm, $10)

Mon, Jan 16/ Rutherford/Müller/van der Schyff (9 pm, $10)

¾ of the killer international improvising unit Hoxha (sans Ken Vandermark) meet at Rime over two nights to do what they do best: Contemplate, discuss, and interact non-verbally. Passionate discourse at its best!

Virtuoso British trombonist Paul Rutherford has worked with a myriad of orchestras and small groups including London Jazz Composers’ Orchestra, Paul Lovens, Anthony Braxton, Derek Bailey and Evan Parker. He has developed a trombone language that mixes electronics, vocal effects, traditional jazz devices and intriguing sounds and voicings.

Renowned German bassist Torsten Müller is an accomplished improviser who also expands the sonic possibilities of his instrument through extended techniques. He has become a stalwart on the local scene since moving to Vancouver five years ago.

Able to excel in both traditional and free improv situations, drummer Dylan van der Schyff is one heavyweight musician. He works with many resident ensembles and international artists. His recent work with Dave Douglas’s Mountain Passages group sparkles. Dylan will be Rime’s Artist in Residence in February.

Tue, Jan 17/ AIR: Roger Dean Young (9 pm, $5-10)

From airplay on John Peel’s legendary radio sessions to the dance floors of Vancouver, Pellucid has been hanging around the dance/electronica/experimental intersection for more than a decade. Now with a new album out, the ebullient Motor of Joy (tossed up for free on i-tunes), Pellucid’s shadowy mastermind, Arliss Renwick is prepared once more to shuffle our feet & treat our ears with his whimsy fuelled lap-top.

Young‘s rotating posse of skilled players, The Tin Cup, stretch the confines of three-chord folk songs into the exciting world of, dare we say, the J-word that Rime has become known for. As a one-off treat, Emily Carr instructor, Heidi May, will feature her latest creation in an ongoing exploration of digital video art on this night in dialogue with The Cup.




Wed, Jan 18/ Unity (9 pm, $5-10)

If you heard Unity in the late eighties you already know you’re in for a treat. These musicians play music for the mind to dance to. Unity plays with the power of a thunderstorm and the sensitivity of a falling leaf; with beauty, authority, passion, energy, spontaneity and incredible rapport. They will be featuring original compositions and maybe a standard or two…the first of a series of new performances for the reunion of Unity, composed of Paul Blaney bass, Graham Ord sax and flute and Roger Baird drums.

Thu, Jan 19/ The Beige & Tone Bent (9 pm, $5-10)

“The universe is beige”–Vancouver Sun

Atmospheric songs and soundscapes from a jazzy folk place somewhere under the radar… The Beige‘s wry, soulful stories travel different roads, from sublime tragedies to the everyday lives of people born with tails. This music is all about hypnotic grooves and wide open spaces. Rick Maddocks guitar, vocals; Jon Wood lap steel and tenor guitar; Andrew Arida keyboards; Mark Haney double bass; Geoff Gilliard drums

Visiting us from Northern California, Robin Eschner and Bill Horvitz‘s Tone Bent features original songs as well as covers, often twisting old favourites in new ways. Eschner and Horvitz blend their guitars & voices as they sing about everything from children growing up to love to dance to the last passenger pigeon on the planet . . . on and on . . . Their songs are snapshots of life, filled with insights, moving stories‹be they funny or serious–vivid images, gorgeous harmonies, and original and inspired guitar.

Fri, Jan 20/ Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie (9 pm, $10-15)

Sat, Jan 21/ (eve) Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie (9 pm, $10-15)

Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie take their audience on a ride, regaling them with tales of larger-than-life characters who’ve shaped the blues. Visiting us from the Island for their first performances at Rime, on a two night run, two wildly talented and celebrated veteran roots multi-instrumenstalists join forces on a stage cluttered with vintage National Steel guitars, mandolins, handmade brass guitars, dobros, Weissenborns and more, while sharing fascinating stories behind the instruments & the songs.

Sat, Jan 21/ (aft) Moritz Behm Trio (3 pm, by donation)

See January 7th for more info.

Sun, Jan 22/ (aft) Prince Albert Composition Workshop Band (1 pm, by donation)

See January 15th for more info.

Sun, Jan 22/ (aft) Sunday Afternoon Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

See January 8th for more info.

Sun, Jan 22/ (eve) Leftover Fugitives (9 pm, $5-10)

The Fugitives are a unique hybrid of spoken word and music troupe. They run the gamut from comedic to hard-hitting, insightful spoken word, and combine it with adventurous strong structures performed on piano, accordion, guitar, harmonica, beat-box, and voice by Barbara Adler, CR Avery, Mark Berube and Brendan McLeod. The result is a plethora of individual styles merged into a distinctive voice that compels its audience to celebrate, think, and care.


Mon, Jan 23/ Jenna Andrews (9 pm, $5-10)

Influenced by -and reminiscent of- great singers, such as Bebel Gilberto, Sade, Billie Holiday, and Blossom Dearie, Jenna Andrews stylistically draws inspiration from the Gershwin era, integrating it with Latin jazz, bluegrass and more. This freshly articulate and exciting young guitarist, singer, songwriter puts her classical & jazz training to good use when she delivers the goods on her own terms with Joe Cruz on classical guitar, Rob Darch on acoustic and electric basses, and Rafielle Geronimo on percussion.


Tue, Jan 24/ AIR: Roger Dean Young (9 pm, $5-10)

Prairie roots have not deterred Tim Gerwing from becoming one of the most sought after practitioners of Middle Eastern percussion instruments in Vancouver. Gerwing will perform a set with Iraqi oud virtuoso Serwan Yamulky before turning his attention to the rippling mutter and twang of Roger Dean Young‘s country ditties. Gerwing’s own cd, Butterfly Effect, explores the world both on the surface through language and genre, gliding through the collective sub-conscious, taking a well-crafted lush & atmospheric spiritual plunge.



Wed, Jan 25/ Mountain Bluebird Bluegrass Band (9 pm, $5-10)

Started by guitarists Lorraine Cobb and Connie Jean Thiessen, and joined soon after by bassist Valerie Bailey, banjoist Brad Gillard, fiddler Hugh Ellenwood and mandolinist Matt Kennedy. The Bluebirds play a mix of originals, bluegrass standards and contemporary material. Everyone contributes to the songwriting, making the band a working creative unit with new original music entering the repertoire all the time.


Thu, Jan 26/ Grrrls with Guitars (9 pm, $5-10)

Hot off the road from the GWG Maximum Volume Tour throughout the BC Interior & Alberta; four singer/songwriters share the stage this night to recapture some of the ‘on tour’ magic.


Christa Couture combines a blend of folk, quirk and bark. A formidable young woman armed with a haunting voice and a quick-witted, poignant turn-of-phrase.


Coco Love Alcorn is a dynamic singer-songwriter with her own personal brand of acoustic-driven music. Imagine a sound so raw, pure, and strong, that it is less like listening to a new voice than discovering a new sense altogether.


GreenTaRA (Tara Nicole Donald) delivers music with a conscious message, inventive melodies and acoustic riffs. This internationally acclaimed urban roots artist is emerging as one of the west’s finest independent gems. Her musical genre has been described as “music of the people”.


Nadine Davenport is the producer & the creative mind behind Grrrls With Guitars. She also has the craft of songwriting down to a complete art form. Nadine has a full-bodied voice which demands attention & her singing comes with such ease that it seems almost unnatural.


Fri, Jan 27/ Mimosa (9 pm, $5-10)

Drawing from a well of resources spanning the 1960s to the present, French lounge, New York swing, Brazilian bossas to original Mimosa material, they blend feels and tones together in an extraordinary bouquet. Mimosa brings you on a sentimental journey through time and sound, making dancing a huge temptation. Please let yourself be tempted. A little decadence never hurt anyone. Rebecca Shoichet vocals; Jamie Hovorka trumpet, flugelhorn; Anna Lumiere keys; John Raham drums


Sat, Jan 28/ (aft) Moritz Behm Trio (3 pm, by donation)

See January 7th for more info.

Sat, Jan 28/ (eve) DarkBlueWorld (10 pm, $5-10)

“Her songs are profoundly melancholic, steeped in loss and the impossibility of love. Paradoxically, listening to them tends to produce a lightening of the spirit-which may be because Fischer is only too happy to bear the burden of gloom, at least while she’s on-stage. That, too, is an art-and a rare one.” –Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight

Original, relevant, culturally engaged & emotionally, intellectually uncompromising songs by Elizabeth Fischer vocals; Ron Samworth guitar; Tony Wilson guitar; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums


Sun, Jan 29/ (aft) Prince Albert Composition Workshop Band (1 pm, by donation)

See January 15th for more info.

Sun, Jan 29/ (aft) Sunday Afternoon Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

See January 8th for more info.

Sun, Jan 29/ (eve) Richard Whiteman Trio (9 pm, $5-10)

One of Toronto’s finest pianists, Richard Whiteman has worked with Ed Bickert, Jane Bunnett, Mike Downes and many other stalwarts of the Canadian jazz scene. His touch on the piano is sublime and swinging, playing from the tradition of piano greats like Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Richard is joined by a young & fiery rhythm section composed of bassist Brandi Disterheft & drummer Sly Juhas.


Mon, Jan 30/ The Tiptons Sax Quartet (9 pm, $5-10)

The Tiptons are an all-female sax quartet with percussion, based in Seattle. The group features Jessica Lurie and Amy Denio, original members and the lead composers of the internationally renowned Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet. They are joined by saxophonists Tobi Stone and Tina Richerson, and percussionist Elizabeth Pupo Walker. All of the members share in composing and arranging – and their dynamic repertoire includes some fabulous singing as well! With a repertoire that ranges from New Orleans jump groove to hip hop, punk to East European, klezmer and beyond, the Tiptons create some of the wildest sounds ever to come out of a sax quartet. Their unforgettable, playful concerts feature high-energy interaction between members and a repertoire that touches on soulful music from around the world.


Tue, Jan 31/ AIR: Roger Dean Young (9 pm, $5-10)

One-of-a kind folk-noir songster, guitarist & Kevin House was our first Artist in Residence in February of last year. He returns to commemorate that momentous month at Rime.

The Tin Cup finish off the evening with a dash of trumpet infused country-folk. Roger Dean Young will lead the band through selections from their new album, Casa, soon to be released in Europe on venerable UK label, Loose Music, home of Canadians Hayden and Corb Lund, as well as, country subversives, The Handsome Family and Howe Gelb.




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