2006.05 –> May 2006 at Rime

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MAY 2006 at Rime

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Artist in Residence – Tuesdays in May: NEELAMJIT DHILLON

Neelamjit Dhillon
Neelamjit Dhillon

Tabla player, saxophonist and composer Neelamjit Dhillon is a professional musician equally versed in both Eastern and Western traditions. He has obtained a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies (majoring in saxophone performance) from Capilano College and has also completed a Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Music Education from the University of British Columbia. Upon graduation he received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to further his tabla studies at the Ustad Alla Rakha Institute of Music in Mumbai. The tabla is Neelamjit’s first instrument and he studies under the tutelage of world-renowned maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain.

MAY 2006

Mon, May 1/ KARMA SOHN BAND & AEROPLANE TRIO (9 pm, $5-10)

Delicate, soulful, melodic songs featuring vocals and writing by Karma and Skye. Karma Sohn vocals, piano; Skye Brooks vocals, acoustic guitar; Russell Sholberg upright bass; Dylan Smith drums

A tight, home-grown, vital, fresh jazz & avant-jazz unit, Aeroplane Trio use a conventional acoustic jazz setting as a platform for their eclectic compositions and improvisations, leaving no stone unturned in their search for the secret… JP Carter trumpet; Russell Sholberg double-bass; Skye Brooks drums.


Chin Injeti: This Juno Award winning multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter has worked with some of the most popular names is music such as the Fugees, the Roots, Ziggy Marley, Jamiroquai, and A Tribe Called Quest. Blending R&B, Soul, Reggae, Chin has a style all his own and will be singing original tunes as well as a few choice favourites. Chin Injeti vocals, guitar, Becky Rique vocals, Suzka violin, Neelamjit Dhillon tabla, flute.


Microscopic: Formed in the spring of 2005, Microscopic seamlessly blends elements of jazz, bluegrass and world music into a captivating musical tapestry. Melodic lines, interwoven with luxurious harmonies and challenging time signatures, result in a creative alchemy that is undeniably luscious. Aaron Joyce Weissenborn guitar; Alvaro Rojas electric guitar; Meredith Bates violin; Diederik van Dijk cello; Neelamjit Dhillon tabla


Syrian qanun (81-string zither) virtuoso Abdullah Chhadeh began his musical education in a camp for refugees in the Golan, later convincing legendary qanun player Selim Serweh to teach him for two years. Five years at the Conservatoire of Damascus followed – a time in which Chhadeh honed his considerable skill as a composer, and secured himself a scholarship at London’s prestigious Guildhall School of Music.

“Spellbinding”, “innovative”, “gifted” are words that are time and again used to describe the performances and compositions on which Chhadeh’s blossoming international reputation is built. His recordings and collaborations have included both solo performances and featured soloist work with Sinead O’Connor, Jocelyn Pook, Natacha Atlas and David Arnold among others. Chhadeh is joined for this night by three Vancouver artists who are renowned players on their respective instruments: François Houle clarinet; Tommy Babin double-bass; Stefan Cihelka tabla



Two of the brightest lights on New York’s jazz/new music scene, vocalist Theo Bleckmann and guitarist Ben Monder last year celebrated their 10th anniversary to a sold-out house at The Jazz Standard in Manhattan, but this is their first Vancouver appearance. They will be in town to mix their new record for Songlines, to be released in late 2006 or early 2007. Drummer Dylan van der Schyff and pianist / keyboardist Chris Gestrin, whose trio project with Ben (“The Distance”) was released this January on Songlines, will join them in the second set. Together, expect from them an evening of highly individualistic music, including interpretations of jazz standards and pop songs (Joni Mitchell, the Beatles), original settings of Rumi poetry, wordless vocals, and some amazing freeform sonic interplay.


Fri, May 5/ BEATS WITHOUT BORDERS (9:30 pm, $5-10)

The Beats Without Borders Collective is made up of 4 established world beat DJs, who spin the best dance music on the planet… from funked out afrobeat to sexy middle-eastern bellydance to bangin’ bhangra, they’ll rock the party, guaranteed.


Sat, May 6/ (eve) DARKBLUEWORLD with DAVID ROUNDELL (9:30 pm, $5-10)

“Imagine a kind of distaff Tom Waits: utterly individualistic singing framed by some of the most creative musicians around…Her songs are profoundly melancholic, steeped in loss and the impossibility of love. Paradoxically, listening to them tends to produce a lightening of the spirit-which may be because Fischer is only too happy to bear the burden of gloom, at least while she’s on-stage. That, too, is an art-and a rare one.” – Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight

DarkBlueWorld: Original, relevant, culturally engaged & emotionally, intellectually uncompromising songs by Elizabeth Fischer vocals; Ron Samworth guitar; Dave Roundell accordion; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums


David Roundell‘s music teachers kept chastising him for embellishing on his weekly lessons until they realized he had a talent for arranging and improvisation. Roundell has been involved in a wide range of music from country & western through to free-improv. He has scored for theatre and spoken word and is a founding member and impresario/host of Talent Hut, a performance art troupe. He has recently been playing with DarkBlueWorld and with new found inspiration he continues to explore ensemble and solo accordion music.

Sun, May 7/ (aft) PRINCE ALBERT COMPOSITION WORKSHOP BAND (1 pm, by donation

Sunday afternoons at 1 pm: Drummer Dan Gaucher & friends have created Prince Albert Composition Workshop Band as a musical vehicle with the sole purpose of exploring original compositions from its members, all young up and coming musicians in Vancouver…the music is written for this band specifically. The instrumentation presenting both a challenge for the composer and a diverse sonic palette to draw from…with Neelamjit Dhillon tabla, alto sax, flute, and sitar; Evan Arntzen clarinet; Catherine Toren piano; Sean Cronin acoustic bass; Shanto Bhattacharya cello

Sun, May 7/ (aft) SUNDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS (3 pm, by donation)

Sunday afternoons at 3 pm: Drummer Jesse Cahill hosts a weekly jam session to provide a good meeting ground for great players from all over town, including some of the finest up and coming music students. Along with Jesse, the house band will include Terry Deane on tenor saxophone, Tommy Babin on bass.

Sun, May 7/ (eve) BILL RUNGE’S ACID TEST CD RELEASE (9 pm, $5-10)

His project “A Tribute To The South American”, grew from saxophonist Bill Runge‘s love for the music of several giants of Latin Music, specifically from South America. Each piece on the CD is a specific genre i.e., Tango, Samba, Bossa Nova, Salsa, and some North Americanized hybrid fusions of these forms each is dedicated to a favourite composer. The core band from the recording will perform to celebrate the release of this exciting cd: Bill Runge saxophone, accordion; Brad Turner keyboards; Rebecca Shoichet vocals; Rob Hamilton guitar; Joseph Pepe Danza percussion; André Lachance bass; Randall Stoll drums… with special guest appearances by Vince Mai trumpet & Steve Dawson guitar.


Mon, May 8/ ANDREW BURDEN plus TUCK (9 pm, $5-10)

Trombonist & vocalist for such awesome outfits as Ronny Artur’s Orkestrio & the Golden Wedding Band, when multi-instrumentalist Andrew Burden wants to perform solo one’s curiosity ought to be piqued. Rest assured it will be a performance full of piss & vinegar with some tenderness thrown in for good measure.

Tuck utilizes an intuitive and spontaneous approach to song writing, revealing a variety of influences ranging from Tom Waits to The Pixies, from The Beatles to Guns and Roses. The diverse musical backgrounds of the band members results in an eclectic blend of folk, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz, punk and classical. Amos Ashurst guitar, vocals; Jaime Ashurst vocals; Jessica Werb cello; Kim Stewart bass, vocals; Rob Linton drums



Shakti Dance Collective: Bringing together the different disciplines of South Indian dance, North Indian music and contemporary story telling, to give a new voice to the stories from Indian mythology, the performance will consist of individual pieces by the collective members as well as an excerpt from a full-length drama. Anusha Fernando dance; Adrienne Wong narration, acting; David Tsabar vocal; Neelamjit Dhillon tabla

New Trio Series #1 — Vasak/Silins/Dhillon: A new project put together specifically for this event that takes a look at the improvisatory possibilities of timeless melodies from the jazz tradition as well as songs from contemporary sources. Mark Vasak guitar; Karlis Silins bass; Neelamjit Dhillon saxophone

Wed, May 10 & Thu May 11/ KEN ALDCROFT’S CONVERGENCE ENSEMBLE (9 pm, $5-10)

“…(Aldcroft is) a master of eclecticism, able to speak in the language of nuanced free improvisation one minute, followed by Stan Getz inflected Bop the next, followed by a touch of atmospheric puffed clouds.” – Steven Loewy, Cadence Magazine

Guitarist / improviser / composer / producer Ken Aldcroft has been a part of the Toronto jazz and improvised music community since 2001 and with several tours and recordings under his belt since 1997 he has become an integral part of the national creative music scene. His latest projects include Four in One, a duo project with drummer Dave Clark performing the Thelonious Monk songbook and performing in ad hoc improvised music meetings whenever the opportunity presents itself, as well the Ken Aldcroft Convergence Ensemble, an improvising quintet that also incorporates composed material into their performances. The Vancouver version of the group includes some of the city’s finest players exploring through Aldcroft’s leadership his superb compositions and communicating on a high level…with J.P. Carter trumpet; Graham Ord tenor saxophone; Brad Muirhead trombone; Paul Blaney bass; Skye Brooks drums


Fri, May 12/ SHONA LE MOTTÉE (9:30 pm, $10)

Juno Award winner, dynamic Celtic/pop fiddler and vocalist; Shona Le Mottée was a member of Canadian Celtic-pop group The Paperboys for over 2 years. She has performed with Micheal Flatley’s Lord of the Dance as well as Canadian artists such as Fear of Drinking, Tim Readman, Alpha YaYa Dialo, The Town Pants, and Mad Pudding… with Tim Readman guitar, vocals; Boris Favre bass; Allan Dionne drums/percussion

Advance tickets are available at Highlife & Zulu Records.

“On stage she has a wonderful presence. Her fiddling is exuberant with the kind of locked-in quality and strength of the seasoned player.” – Master of Appalachian fiddling, Bruce Molsky

“a great CD it is too, …great fiddle playing equal to Natalie MacMaster any day, the arrangements are great.” – Gene McDonnell – CFBX Radio – Kamloops, B.C.


Sat, May 13/ (aft) MASCALL DANCE COMPANY: NIJINSKY GIBBER JAZZ CLUB (3 pm, by donation)

The Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club is an improvisation research ensemble under the direction of Artistic Director/Choreographer Jennifer Mascall. The ensemble performs in improvised sets not necessarily set in time but framed by specific structures. Part of the improviser’s sophistication is in knowing when an impulse, a movement, a whole piece is complete. The dancers are accompanied by live DJs, musicians, or spoken word. Each time they return to the material, the environment they make is different – order, spacing, rhythm, tone is varied. The dancing becomes an expressionistic landscape and the choreography provides the world and the country. The Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club thrives in unusual venues-bars, churches, streets, and other unexpected places. Sometimes it is the mood that can’t be shaken, sometimes it is the rhythm pattern, other times it is the relationship between dancers. Each new score, each new venue, each new dance is a form of public research where change thrives.

Dancers: Jojo Zolina, Ziyian Kwan, Susan Kania, Alisoun Payne


Saturday, May 13/ (eve) SHANTISAGARAM & QWERTYKUS (9:30 pm, $10)

Shantisagaram: The unique rhythms melodies and phrasing of Carnatic music was a frontier that John Coltrane eagerly began investigating around the time of his demise. All India Radio vocalist Vidyasagar Vankayala is joined by South Indian concert mridangam (Carnatic double-sided drum –precursor to the North Indian tabla) player Prabhakar Sharma for a rare and authentic Carnatic concert. They will be joined by Prashant John on guitar, vocals and fabulous jazz bassist Tommy Babin for a collaborative set.

Qwertykus: Overtone singing, vocalese and piano by member of Juno nominated Wyrd Sisters and ex-Crash Test Dummies World Tour member, Kiva comes together with virtuosic South Indian percussionist, Kannakol (south Indian drum language) player Prabhakar Sharma and Bangladeshi multi-instrumentalist (bamboo flutes, guitar, vocals, percussion) Prashant John, founder of Vancouver’s Tandava (recently winning inclusion in Global Rhythms’ April 2006 music sampler) to create an exotic and hypnotic harmonics-laden experience.

Sun, May 14/ (aft) PRINCE ALBERT COMPOSITION WORKSHOP BAND (1 pm, by donation)

See May 7th for more details.

Sun, May 14/ (aft) SUNDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS (3 pm, by donation)

See May 7th for more details.

Sun, May 14/ (eve) SUDAN’DA & RANDY RAINE-REUSCH with PEPE DANZA (9 pm, $5-10)

Sudan’da is built around the music of Aladeen Abdalla, a singer and oud player from Sudan, who performs his own songs, along with traditional songs & other works by Sudanese composers with Earl Peach guitar; Jane Kalmakoff accordion; Andreas Kahre percussion.

Two Vancouver wunderkinder meet at Rime to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience for those present and listening. Improvisationally based composer / concert-artist specializing in new and experimental music for world instruments, Randy Raine-Reusch is known for his mastery of many exotic instruments from around the globe, particularly Asian ones.


Joseph ‘Pepe’ Danza, is a composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and one of Vancouver’s top percussionists. Pepe is the leader of the El Sur, a Latin-African ensemble, and a member of the world music band Jou-Tou.


Mon, May 15/ THE UNSUPERVISED (9 pm, $5-10)

As an adventurous, committed, expressive local quintet, The Unsupervised unapologetically dissolve all musical borders and joyfully explore everything from modern jazz and free improvisation, to bautifully quirky country music and greasy funk grooves. Jeff Younger guitar; Kristian Naso trumpet; Dan Pigott saxes; Russell Sholberg bass; Mike Magnusson drums


Ivan Tucakov: Growing up in Turkey and Serbia, Ivan has also travelled to Spain, Portugal, France and Mexico in order to explore the techniques of Eastern European, Afro-Latin, Flamenco, and Gipsy music. He is also responsible for bringing together and leading the Vancouver based world-fusion ensemble Tambura Rasa. Ivan Tucakov nylon-string guitar; Suzka violin; Neelamjit Dhillon tabla


Dumaru: First brought together for the 2005 Vancouver Folk Festival, Dumaru fuses Indian classical music and electronica to create a unique blend of traditional and urban sounds. The night will be highlighted with collaboration with Bharata Natyam (Indian classical) dancer Mita Naidu with DJ Tarun electronics, tabla; Neelamjit Dhillon sitar, tabla

Wed, May 17 & Thu, May 18/ KK NULL/PLIAKAS/WERTMÜLLER TRIO (9 pm, $12-15)

“Aside from the extremity of his work with Japanese grind/death/noise rockers Zeni Geva, K.K. Null reserved his solo projects for music just as intense but with more diversity. That range is simply astonishing considering that virtually all of his recordings consist of a patch cord or two (plus occasional treated vocals) fed in to Null’s assortment of guitar and effects pedals. Null creates intense wall-of-noise machine music as well as droning isolationist material, which provides a surprisingly effective update of Southeast Asia’s atonal gong music.” John Bush, All Music Guide

Japanese composer, guitarist, singer, electronicist and drummer KK.Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) gained worldwide recognition for his solo works as well as his progressive hardcore trio Zeni Geva. He has collaborated with many other musical innovators such as Steve Albini, Merzbow, John Zorn, Fred Frith, James Plotkin, Jim O’Rourke, Keiji Haino, Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms), Otomo Yoshihide, Jon Rose, Masonna and more. Null has supported bands on tour such as Sonic Youth and Mike Patton, while releasing more than 100 titles of the recordings (including solo projects and collaborations) in his 20 year music career.

In this new trio his associates are none other than the very exciting “rhythm section” of bassist Marino Pliakas (Switzerland/Greece) and drummer Michael Wertmüller (Switzerland/Germany). This trio just toured Russia to enthusiastic response and is ready to blow our collective minds. Pliakas & Wertmüller may be best known to music fans for their work with John Cale, Caspar Brötzmann & Peter Brötzmann.

This is an unpredictable trio, quite powerful, as these three musicians are known for their weighty music… and yet this project bypasses the musical horizons of its members, as it pushes improvisation beyond such convenient categories as rock, jazz, electronics or even noise. It’s a kind of heavy noise’n’roll, soundful electronica with a slippery rhythm section. Music of the here and now! Get ready to experience an extraordinary, intense, high energy improv trio, in their first Vancouver performances!




Fri, May 19/ BRAD TURNER QUARTET plus PAUL RUSHKA TRIO (9:30 pm, $5-10)

The Brad Turner Quartet‘s recent live album “What Is” exemplifies the deep rapport that the three time Juno winner’s quartet has developed over the past 12 years. Original compositions influenced by a number of sources including the great Miles Davis quintet of the mid to late 60’s. Brad Turner trumpet & flugelhorn; Bruno Hubert piano; André Lachance bass; Dylan van der Schyff drums

Formed in 1997, Paul Rushka Trio has its roots firmly in the jazz tradition, but draws on its members numerous experiences in other genres to form a thoroughly modern jazz sound. Original songs, tranformed pop tunes, free improvisation and modern tunes are the building blocks of this band’s material. Dave Sikula guitar; Paul Rushka bass; Bernie Arai drums

Sat, May 20/ (aft) MODERN DANCE (3 pm, by donation)

Details to be announced.

Sat, May 20/ (eve) HOT CLUB OF MARS (9:30 pm, $5-10)

Classic gypsy-swing-jazz exploring “…an imaginary terrain between Waikiki in the 1920’s and the Left Bank (Paris) in the 1930’s…” – Alex Varty

Deanna Knight vocals; Michael Dunn Maccaferri-style lead & National steel guitars; Steve “Bugzy” Szabo rhythm guitar; Tom Neville violin; Charlie Knowles bass


Sun, May 21/ (aft) PRINCE ALBERT COMPOSITION WORKSHOP BAND (1 pm, by donation)

See May 7th for more details.

Sun, May 21/ (aft) SUNDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS (3 pm, by donation)

See May 7th for more details.

Sun, May 21/ (eve) SARA MARREIROS (9 pm, $5-10)

Rumours about a remarkable young woman in Victoria singing fado (fate) drifted across the Strait of Georgia to the Big City. Fado is to Portugal what flamenco is to Spain and what the blues are to the American South: songs clearly from the folk and their experiences of life’s crueller moments. What begins as poetry and music about loneliness and broken hearts becomes an expression of saudade (the yearning). Sara Marreiros could always hear the siren song of fado, but it wasn’t until her heart had its own cruel experiences with life that she felt ready to sing the music she had heard since she was a girl. Now her jazz has a little fado in it, and her fado has the grace note of jazz and her love for bossa nova. Sara Marreiros vocals; Galen Hartley guitar; Dan Weisenburger Portuguese guitarra; Nathan Gage upright bass; Kelby MacNayr drums

Mon, May 22/ KARIN PLATO ENSEMBLE (9 pm, $5-10)

“There’s a sense of danger about her work that’s enthralling.” – Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

Jazz vocalist and composer, Karin Plato graces the Rime stage with her trusty band with pianist Lou Mastroianni, trombonist Dennis Esson, bassist Paul Rushka and drummer Nino DiPasquale. A National Jazz Award and Juno Award nominee, Karin’s own compositions sit comfortably next to her arrangements of jazz, blues and Latin standards.

“…an underrated Vancouver singer whose real strength is in her original composition.” – Ken Eisner, Georgia Straight



New Trio Series #2 — Sketches: – A new project put together specifically for this event that explores free collective improvisation interspersed with short compositional interludes Neelamjit Dhillon saxophone; Gord Grdina guitar; Dan Gaucher drums

Prince Albert Composition Workshop Inspired by the workshops of Charles Mingus, this group brings together various influences which are melded into original compositions written specifically for and by its members. Neelamjit Dhillon saxophone, flute, kanjeera; Evan Arntzen clarinet; Cat Toren piano; Shanto Bhattacharya cello; Sean Cronin bass; Dan Gaucher drums

Wed, May 24/ ROBYN CARRIGAN, LINDSAY MAC & THE FITS (9 pm, $5-10)

New England cellist, singer, songwriter Lindsay Mac offers a fresh look at acoustic music by combining folk/pop structure with plucked and bowed cello. Wonderfully diverse, catchy and memorable, her music has roots in jazz, folk, Americana, funk and rock while not tasting like any specific genre. Classically trained for over 15 years, Lindsay Mac is taking the cello to where it’s never been before: to the spotlight as the lead chordal and rhythmic instrument – and to where it’s rarely seen: popular music’s folk/jazz stage. Mac’s approach to her instrument varies from strumming to slapping to carefully coaxing beautiful and intriguing lines from the large wooden instrument all while making it seem, in former producer for The Pointer Sisters, Henry Gaffney’s words, “as natural as rain.”


Robyn Carrigan performs her own achingly beautiful, heart-breaking blend of original folk-country pop songs dipped in bluesy soul, with banjo, accordion and guitar. A consummate singer, Carrigan has performed and recorded with artists from Carolyn Mark to No Means No to Sarah McLachlan. Her songs are heard on television shows like the L Word and CBC Radio. With her band Bottleneck she has toured Canada five times over the past couple of years and released two albums.

“Carrigan has a lovely voice … reminiscent of Joan Baez, Natalie Merchant, and Patsy Cline.” – The Georgia Straight, Alex Varty

“Robyn Carrigan’s vocal is elegant and somehow sounds like it has emotional wisdom to impart- you want to listen, because somehow your heart may be better off- protected- for noticing what she has to say.” – Americana UK

The Fits, with P. Kleinenstein (Patsy Klein) and V. Hilleovich (Veda Hille). You don’t want to miss this rediculous atrostophy. With their splendiforous tempobularies and smooth harmonicizing, you’ll want to shout! Break on through with the Fits, May 24th at Rime. They will need all the drinks you can buy them!


Thu, May 25/ ORQUESTA GOMA DURA (9 pm, $15-20)

The 20-piece Orquesta Goma Dura is one of this continent’s largest salsa orchestras and one of the most exciting ensembles anywhere. OGD featuring an all-star collection of Vancouver’s salsa and latin-jazz communities with multiple singers, four percussionists, eleven horns transform any room into party central… it will be impossible to sit still!

Susana Abreu, Danay Sinclair vocals; Jack Duncan congas; Martin Romero, Phil Belanger timbales; Edgar Romero bongos/coro; Allan Johnston bass/coro; Lou Mastroianni piano; Ross Gregory, Derry Byrne, Kent Wallace trumpet; Dennis Esson, Rod Murray, Jeremy Berkman, Brad Muirhead trombone; Bill Runge, Mike Braverman, Graham Ord, Daniel Miles Kane saxophones; John Korsrud director



3 sets of amazing, eclectic music!

Copilots perform rhythmic, energetic songs with captivating melodies sung from the heart. Skye Brooks vocals, guitar; Chad MacQuarrie guitar, vocals; Pete Schmitt bass, vocals; Dylan Smith drum

Described variably as mesmerizing, haunting & dazzling, Petunia‘s voice is a big factor in the great sound of Petunia & the Hound Dogs‘ rock-a-hillbilly, yodeling, country-blues. Top notch band that Petunia put together has a distinctly modern and current air about it….at once transporting, strange, comforting and surreal. Petunia acoustic guitar, vocals; Steve Nikleva electric guitar; Jimmy Roy lapsteel guitar; Sam Shoichet double-bass

“When Petunia yodels, the crowd just about levitates on a cloud of barely disguised hysteria.” – Grand Forks Gazette

“foot tapping country and western laced with rock and jazz” – The New York Post

Swanvista is an exciting and eclectic trio that explores many different styles of music with equal conviction. Composition, improvisation, instrumentals and singing with Chad MacQuarrie on guitar and vocals, Skye Brooks on drums and Tommy Babin on bass.


Sat, May 27/ (aft) MASCALL DANCE COMPANY: NIJINSKY GIBBER JAZZ CLUB (3 pm, by donation)

The Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club is an improvisation research ensemble under the direction of Artistic Director/Choreographer Jennifer Mascall. The ensemble performs in improvised sets not necessarily set in time but framed by specific structures. Part of the improviser’s sophistication is in knowing when an impulse, a movement, a whole piece is complete. The dancers are accompanied by live DJs, musicians, or spoken word. Each time they return to the material, the environment they make is different – order, spacing, rhythm, tone is varied. The dancing becomes an expressionistic landscape and the choreography provides the world and the country. The Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club thrives in unusual venues-bars, churches, streets, and other unexpected places. Sometimes it is the mood that can’t be shaken, sometimes it is the rhythm pattern, other times it is the relationship between dancers. Each new score, each new venue, each new dance is a form of public research where change thrives.

Dancers: Jojo Zolina, Ziyian Kwan, Susan Kania, Alisoun Payne


Sat, May 27/ (eve) WANDA NOWICKI GROUP (9:30 pm, $5-10)

After performing for 20 years in Los Angeles, vocalist Wanda Nowicki has returned to her Vancouver area roots and has quickly built a steady following. With a vocal style that has been compared to June Christie, her choice of off-beat jazz standards and reworked pop songs has been a winning combination. She has been performing steadily with Christopher Pitt piano, Mark Bender bass and Steve Bagnell saxophones. They have recently recorded a cd entitled “Who’s Counting Us In?”

Sun, May 28/ (aft) PRINCE ALBERT COMPOSITION WORKSHOP BAND (1 pm, by donation)

See May 7th for more details.

Sun, May 28/ (aft) SUNDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS (3 pm, by donation)

See May 7th for more details.

Sun, May 28/ (eve) AMANDA TOSOFF BAND (9 pm, $5-10)

At only 22 years of age, jazz pianist and composer Amanda Tosoff is already emerging as one of Vancouver’s top new talents. She leads a quartet made up of the young talents Evan Arntzen on saxophone, Sean Cronin on bass and Morgan Childs on drums. With only an average age of 23, the quartet has already been featured on CBC’s radio show Hotair and in the Vancouver International Jazz festival for two years in a row. They play a variety of music ranging from modern original compositions inspired by greats such as Wayne Shorter and jazz standards composed by greats such as Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Bud Powell, and many more.

“They prove that jazz is in very good hands indeed.” – Paul Grant of CBC’s Hotair

Mon, May 29/ GORD GRDINA’S BOXCUTTER featuring FRANÇOIS HOULE (9 pm, $5-10)

Cutting through stylistic boundaries, this quartet moves in and out of free form improvisation, grooves and lyrical melodies, taking the listener to surprising yet not totally unfamiliar places. Space, texture and rest allow the band to seamlessly embrace mainstream sensibilities as well as aspects of the avant-garde. Gord Grdina guitar; François Houle clarinet; Karlis Silins bass; Kenton Loewen drums

Tue, May 30/ AIR: NEELAMJIT DHILLON – THIMAR & SANGHA (9 pm, $5-10)

New Trio Series #3 — Thimar: A new project put together specifically for this event that was inspired by the music of Anouar Brahem and his collaborations with Dave Holland and John Surman. This group brings together Middle-Eastern sounds and jazz improvisation to create a rich and vibrant tapestry of sound. Gord Grdina oud; Jen Hodge bass; Neelamjit Dhillon saxophone

Sangha: Rooted in the traditions of Arabic, Persian and Indian music, this ensemble forges a new path by combining these elements in original compositions. With traditions this varied a mixture of styles is inevitable, so the musicians focus on creating music in the moment, allowing for the varied influences to blend together naturally without being forced or diluted. Gordon Grdina – oud, Ali Sajjadi – sehtar, Hamin Honari – tombak, Neelamjit Dhillon – tabla.


Wed, May 31/ GRRRLS WITH GUITARS – JENNY ALLEN (9 pm, $5-10)

A folk festival favourite, with fans stretching all across the country and far into the States, Calgary’s Jenny Allen, as a solo artist, has opened for remarkable artists including Taj Mahal and Shawn Colvin. This singer, songwriter has released two independent cds, “Something to Say,” and “If I Fall,” Both have received rave reviews. She is also 1/3 of ‘The Fates’ along with Lin Elder & Lori Reid who together have been coined a ‘groovin’ female version of Crosby, Stills & Nash.

…plus special guest

Curated by singer, songwriter Nadine Davenport, Grrrls with Guitars has been around for over 10 years, presenting over 500 women songwriters, including Kinnie Starr, Po’ Girl, Linda McRae. Nadine also has the craft of songwriting down to a complete art form. Her stage performance is captivating. Nadine has a full-bodied voice which demands attention & her singing comes with such ease that it seems almost unnatural.



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