6.20 –> Not the Wind, Not the Flag + Brodie West + Ellwood Epps


Saturday, June 20


15 Colbourne St.
Hamilton, Ontario

8:30 pm

$15/12 students, seniors, artists, un(der)employed






Not the Wind, Not the Flag is a fascinating project by two deep players, COLIN FISHER (guitar, bouzouki, ney, tenor saxophone, guzheng, hulusi, misc. percussion) and BRANDON VALDIVIA (trap set, mbira, slit drum, percussion), in some ways, their life’s work. Music is a way of accessing the divine. Vibration is the echo of our creation. For Colin and Brandon the experience of music is a transformative tool. A conduit for gnosis and discovering the true self. On any occasion their music could echo the traditions of Balinese music, West African music, Persian or Turkish music or it could be devastatingly loud post-hardcore, noise, free-jazz eruptions. Or all of the aforementioned at once! The music refrains from being derivative but comes from a place of deep respect for the music that has lifted and guided their spirits.




Not the Wind, Not the Flag Facebook page

Bandcamp page

Exclaim Interview






Brodie Dec1

BRODIE WEST is an alto saxophonist and composer currently living in Hamilton and has been an active member of Toronto’s creative music scene for the past 20 years, having played with many of Toronto’s finest musicians. Notably he was a member of Drumheller, Deep Dark United, The Woodchoppers Collective and Zebradonk. He has toured and recorded with international musicians Getatchew Mekuria, Han Bennink, The Ex, Ken Vandermark and Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed. He plays with The Lina Allemano 4 and The Ryan Driver Sextet. West leads his own ensemble Eucalyptus (since 2009) and performs solo. He is currently working in collaboration with Andrew Zukerman in a duo setting and Evan Cartwright also as a duo. West has toured extensively throughout the USA, Europe and Canada. He has also made several trips to Ethiopia. He has appeared at several international music festivals and has made guest appearances on many recordings including Jennifer Castle Pink City, Nifty Pity Slash Love, Tenderness The Axe is Ready, The Ryan Driver Quintet Plays the Music of Steven Parkinson and Broken Social Scene You Forgot it in People.

Brodie Interview



LOM Vancouver  Vivo January 2013 800x531 (2014_11_24 20_00_14 UTC)

Our Artist in Residence, trumpeter ELLWOOD EPPS performs a short solo set (see bio here).



5 pm


ellwood-epps-29734The focus of this workshop will be…improvised! That is to say, it is open to players and listeners of all persuasions. Depending on who you, the participants are, the workshop will involve playing, discussing the life of an improvising musician, and the practicalities of the creative trumpet player in the year 2015. Musicians should bring their instruments.  Ellwood Epps founded the Studio d’Improvisation de Montréal in 2009. This series of workshops has welcomed dozens of players of all ages and backgrounds, and many of its participants have become active members of Montréal’s improvised music community. Ellwood has also been a guest workshop leader across Canada.



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