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August 2005 at Rime (PDF) click to download calendar

Kenton Loewen
Kenton Loewen

Appearing at Rime every Tuesday in August as our Artist in Residence, Kenton Loewen is best known as a talented percussionist/drummer…though a history of piano, guitar, mandolin and tabla studies, also, form his musical bed. Kenton has travelled extensively through Canada, the U.S.A, Europe and Hawaii with Submission Hold, Po’Girl and The Pissed Off Wild. He has played with Vancouver based luminaries Coat Cooke, Francois Houle, Ron Samworth, Peter Hannan, and many more, and was a founding member of the Vancouver imrov quartet Kaizen. A diverse and intense month of Tuesdays is certain, including, for the last Rime date, Aug 30 Kenton will step away from the drums and unveil his new project that puts him behind the guitar and microphone.

All shows 9 pm, unless otherwise noted

Monday, August 1/ Eliana Cuevas (9 pm, $10)

Venezuelan born singer, songwriter, composer and bandleader Eliana Cuevas has created her own musical language out of jazz and a variety of Latin American popular styles. A stunning voice, superb original songs and some of Toronto’s finest musicians!

Luis Guerra piano; George Koller bass; Luis Orbegoso percussion; Daniel Stone percussion


Tuesday, August 2/ Artist In Residence: Kenton Loewen / Josh Martinez & The Pissed Off Wild (9 pm, $5-10)

The P.O.W started off as a beer, went around like a reefer and ended up passed out in the back yard under a picnic table as an empty quart of whiskey clutched in its hand and a huge smile on its face. It’s punk-rock/hip-hop at its best. With sold-out shows from Texas’ SXSW festival to Hawaii to Vancouver this quartet is absolutely tearing the roof off of every place they play. Josh Martinez vocals; Jesse Waldman guitar; Pete Schmitt bass; Kenton Loewen drums


Wednesday, August 3/ The Creaking Tree String Quartet (9 pm, $5-10)

“As tight and polished as it is improvisational and exuberant. The music crackles with imaginative and sometimes manic instrumental interplay.” – Acoustic Guitar Magazine

The Creaking Tree String Quartet performs acoustic roots music that combines intricate phrasing with imaginative rhythms. They made their Vancouver debut at last summer’s Vancouver Folk Festival with violinist John Showman, guitarist Brad Keller, mandolinist Andrew Collins, bassist Brian Kobayakawa.


Thursday, August 4/ Melisa Devost (9 pm, $5-10)

A mix of gritty blues & soaring gospel numbers interspersed with well-loved Hornby Island resident, singer-songwriter Melisa Devost‘s telling & insightful lyrics. Melisa Devost guitar, vocals; Tony Wilson guitar; Ken Clark bass; Bob Grant drums .


Friday, August 5/ Espiritu do Brasil (9 pm, $5-10)

Silky, seductive bossa nova infused with a contemporary jazz edge. Vancouver’s Espiritu do Brasil offers a fresh, modern take on the venerated musical achievements of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ellis Regina, Joao Bosco and others, incorporating current sounds, grooves and a harmonic lexicon inspired by the sound of New York jazz. Valeria Matzner voice, percussion; Daryl Jahnke guitar; Ian Cox piano, keys; Kerry Galloway bass

Saturday, August 6/ (afternoon) Morgan Childs Trio (3 pm, by donation)

Every Saturday afternoon in August, drummer Morgan Childs will lead a trio featuring some of Canada’s brightest young talents, usually augmented by guest musicians. Childs has established a voice as a leader and composer, in addition to his recognized talents as an accompanist for a broad range of Canadian and international artists including Brad Turner, Mike Allen, Bill Coon, Jon Bentley and Mike Murley. Alvin Cornista saxophones; Sean Cronin bass; Morgan Childs drums

Saturday, August 6/ (evening) Stefan & Viviane’s “A Joyful Noise!” (9 pm, free)

Many of Vancouver’s finest players gather to celebrate a musical high note, as Stefan & Viviane tie the knot. Happy nuptials, kids! May you grow old together & stay forever young…

Please note: Most of Rime is reserved for guests with invitations to this function, but there is some room for other yahoos (& yeehaws) in the front section.

Sunday, August 7/ (afternoon) Hard Rubber Orchestra Open Rehearsal / Reading Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

Hard Rubber Orchestra is the “Godzilla of the Vancouver jazz scene, a big, goofy monster that stomps through complex charts with the swagger of big swing band and the heat of a thermonuclear explosion.” – Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight

First three Sundays in August, this 17-piece, post-modern, new music ensemble, consisting of many of Vancouver’s finest musicians under the leadership of composer, conductor and trumpeter, John Korsrud, plays daring, unpredictable, high energy music that draws on the influences of John Zorn, Krzysztof Penderecki, Public Enemy, John Cage and Miles Davis. The Hard Rubber Orchestra has performed its wild and eclectic brand of music at venues across Canada and Europe including the DuMaurier International Jazz Festival in Vancouver, the BIMhuis and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in Quebec and the Music Gallery in Toronto. Expect compositions by Hugh Fraser, Brad Turner, Ron Samworth, Jean Derome, Bill Runge, Michael Blake, Tony Wilson and others.


Sunday, August 7/ (evening) Joanna Chapman-Smith (9 pm, $5-10)

Joanna Chapman-Smith’s CD Release: Plain Jane arrives as Joanna’s freshman album. To give it a big send off, a collection of some of Vancouver’s finest have come together to play. Backing Joanna will be Pierre Davids violin, Ben Rogalsky stand-up bass, Jesse Waldman electric guitar, and Ian McLatchie lap steel guitar – but not before guest appearances by Ridley Bent, Don Alder, Rick Keating, Sarah Mac, Barbara Adler, Carolyna Loveless, and Karina Pry. The night will be a smorgasbord of good folk – bon appetite!

Monday, August 8/ Vancouver SLAM Team (9 pm, $5-10)

Canada’s championship SLAM team, the Vancouver SLAM team have their final show before departing for the US National championships in New Mexico. This year’s team features Canadian Spoken Wordlympics champion Brendan McLeod, four time Van SLAM team member Barbara Adler, rookie Chrystalene Buhler, the hip hop explosive Zacchaeus, and story slam champ Magpie Ulysses. Come catch them special guests!


Tuesday, August 9/ Artist In Residence: Kenton Loewen / The Din (9 pm, $5-10)

Stephe, Andy and Kenton formed this project as a means to improvise while playing together in Vancouver punk band Submission Hold. Usually a fourth player is invited. The trio has played with Gino Robair, Ben Wilson, Giorgio Magnanensi, Kirsten Elliot, Jeremy Page, Howard Goldbach and Ken Morisson to name a few. Joining the trio this evening is Masa Anzai of Goat’s Blood, Almost Transparent Blue & Kaizen fame. The music is inspired, intense improv played with a punk-rock sensibility. Stephe Flach guitar; Andy Healy bass; Kenton Loewen drums; Masa J.Anzai sax, electronics


Wednesday, August 10/ Kim Beggs plus Rae Spoon (9 pm, $10)

“A masterful writer of engaging personal narratives that evoke place and time in the manner of the finest folk traditions, Beggs conjures up a rugged northwest peopled by battlers whose quirky resilience makes these story songs compelling listening.” – Greg Quill, Toronto Star

Visiting us from the Yukon, gifted guitarist, singer-songwriter, Kim Beggs is joined by Moritz Behm on fiddle, mandolin and Nathan Tinkham on dobro.


Armed with a guitar, banjo, voice and influences such as Woodie Guthrie and Hank Williams, a new and youthful perspective, plus the cowboy-folk twang that is borne out of Rae Spoon‘s history as an Albertan, this fine eve you will hear music by the people, for the people.


Thursday, August 11/ Anna B-Day (9 pm, $5-10)

What a way to celebrate Anna B.‘s birthday with two kick-ass bands!!

Anna B. writes and performs deeply personal material, amplifying her take on the impermanence of life, shaded by her experiences of heartaches and joys…from a ballsy, barroom torch song, to a boney hoedown, to the most simple ode to love, to a haunting bluegrass ballad…


Party hearty! A faux Mexican extravaganza from start to finish, The Highballs are sure to knock you on your ass (if not, the tequila will) with their brand of mariachi-punk-ska-surf-Tex-Mex like you’ve never heard! Puerco guitar; Guaco bass; Senor Discount drums; Manuel Labour banjo; Marco Esperanza saxophone

Friday, August 12/ Rodney DeCroo & The Killers plus Ana Bon-Bon (9 pm, $5-10)

Vancouver poet, actor and singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo channels the storytelling tradition of Dylan, Van Zandt and Parsons into his own commanding country-rock performed by ace band.

Rodney DeCroo acoustic guitar, vocals; Jon Wood electric guitar; Linda McRae bass; Ed Goodine drums


“The buzz about west-coast act Rodney DeCroo and the Killers gets louder as the weeks pass, thanks to a self-titled disc that came out midway through 2004. Rootsy and rugged sounding, DeCroo writes gripping songs that sound as weathered and lived-in as they come.” – Peter North, Edmonton Journal

One of the city’s finest accordionist-singer-performers and funniest beings anywhere, Ana Bon-Bon’s show is a must see/hear event! Ms. Bon-Bon will feature some of her new originals in the cabaret style with a large dose of humour, as well as songs from her repertoire of gospel, swing/blues, and show tunes.

“Nodding to old blues, gospel, and Tin Pan Alley tunesmithing, Vancouver’s Ana Bon-Bon and her full-bodied voice and accordion playing bring a vintage bawdy-house bon-temps vibe to life.” – Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror

“Most bootylicious local musician: If I were Filippo Gambetta, I’d call her up right away.” – accordionist/singer Amy Stephens


Saturday, August 13/ (afternoon) The Morgan Childs Trio featuring Chad Makela (3 pm, by donation)

Chad Makela has recently released his first recording on the Cellarlive label, “Flicker”, and has garnered critical acclaim for his lush, versatile sound on the unusually sized horn. Chad is regularly described as one of the most unique and powerful voices around, regardless of instrument, by the many musicians lucky enough to share his bandstand. Chad Makela baritone saxophone; Alvin Cornista saxophone; Sean Cronin bass; Morgan Childs drums

Saturday, August 13/ (evening) Bughouse 5 (9 pm, $5-10)

“In the dark, smoky corners of clubs and bars, the story unfolds like this: ‘Vancouver’, ‘Rockabilly’, ‘Blues’, ‘Soul’, and then that name, again and again, with the same reverent tone no matter the speaker- “Bughouse Five, you’ve got to see The Bughouse Five” – Tamara Bunnel, The Grindstone Review, Los Angeles, CA

An East Van kitchen party/variety show with the fabulous Bughouse 5vocalist Butch Murphy, guitarist Joe Rotundo, bassist Kevin Grant, drummer Taylor Little and a horde of infamous friends dropping in as guests.


Sunday, August 14/ (afternoon) Hard Rubber Orchestra Open Rehearsal / Reading Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

Hard Rubber Orchestra is the “Godzilla of the Vancouver jazz scene, a big, goofy monster that stomps through complex charts with the swagger of big swing band and the heat of a thermonuclear explosion.” – Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight

First three Sundays in August, this 17-piece, post-modern, new music ensemble, consisting of many of Vancouver’s finest musicians under the leadership of composer, conductor and trumpeter, John Korsrud, plays daring, unpredictable, high energy music that draws on the influences of John Zorn, Krzysztof Penderecki, Public Enemy, John Cage and Miles Davis. Expect compositions by Hugh Fraser, Brad Turner, Ron Samworth, Jean Derome, Bill Runge, Michael Blake, Tony Wilson and others.


Sunday, August 14/ (evening) Cleia (9 pm, $5-10)

Heavy Celtic influence along with North American roots music, soul, gospel, English folk and classical influences; culminating in a creative spurt filled with gorgeous, intricate harmonies makes up this great party favour of a band’s music.

Keona Mundy vocals, flute, whistle; Andy Hillhouse guitar, vocals; Norah Rendell whistle, recorder, flute; Neil Hammond mandolin, bodhran, harmonicas, guitars, vocals; Karla Mundy vocals, accordion, piano


Monday, August 15/ Paul Rushka Trio plus Rojas/Cole/Magnusson Trio (9 pm, $5-10)

Formed in 1997, Paul Rushka Trio has its roots firmly in the jazz tradition, but draws on its members numerous experiences in other genres to form a thoroughly modern jazz sound. Original songs, tranformed pop tunes, free improvisation and modern tunes are the building blocks of this band’s material. Dave Sikula guitar; Paul Rushka bass; Bernie Arai drums

An up and coming group, Rojas/Cole/Magnusson Trio uses the classic jazz guitar trio sound as a starting point upon which to touch on surf, rock, ambient and free-improv textures in their adventurous mix of originals and interpretations. Alvaro Rojas guitar; Josh Cole bass; Mike Magnusson drums

Tuesday, August 16/ Artist In Residence: Kenton Loewen / Boxcutter Trio (9 pm, $5-10)

Cutting through stylistic boundaries, this trio moves in and out of free form improvisation, grooves and lyrical melodies, taking the listener to suprising yet not totally unfamiliar places. Space, texture and rest allow the band to seamlessly embrace mainstream sensibilities as well as aspects of the avant-garde.

Gord Grdina guitar; François Houle clarinet; Kenton Loewen drums

Wednesday, August 17/ Ancient Sunlight (9 pm, $5-10)

Had Nana Vasconcelos & Keith Jarrett taken in some Vancouver air & hipness, they might’ve put together a project as beautiful and poignant as Ancient Sunlight.

Miles Black piano; Dave Say saxophones; Laurence Mollerup bass; Pepe Danza percussion

Thursday, August 18/ Marmalade (9 pm, $5-10)

With influences ranging from jazz, funk, hip-hop, drum’n’bass and world music, Marmalade specializes in dishing out the sweetjams…

Jiggy saxophones; Colin Maskell keys; Paul Bray percussion; James Forrest bass; Mike Magnusson drums


Friday, August 19/ Fond of Tigers plus David P. Smith (9 pm, $5-10)

Fond of Tigers is an eclectic post-rock band…angular, minimalist music by “maximalist” renegades. Stephen Lyons guitar; JP Carter trumpet; Shanto Battacharya bass; Skye Brooks drums; Dan Gaucher drums; Jesse Zubot violin

What does David P. Smith, one of Victoria’s finest, have for us? The raw energy and emotion of old-time country and western and rhythm’n’ blues, articulate, visceral lyrics, the majesty of the accordion, noise, and your drunken uncle’s dinner table humour. Talent gone waaay below the radar & deserving wide recognition, therefore we’ll be presenting Mr. Smith two nights, tonight & tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20/ (afternoon) Richard Whiteman with the Morgan Childs Trio (3 pm, by donation)

One of Toronto’s finest pianists, Richard Whiteman has worked with Ed Bickert, Jane Bunnett, Mike Downes and many other stalwarts of the Canadian jazz scene. His touch on the piano is sublime and swinging, playing from the tradition of piano greats like Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Morgan Childs Trio will show their musical hospitality to their guest.


Saturday, August 20/ (evening) DarkBlueWorld plus David P. Smith (9 pm, $5-10)

“Her songs are profoundly melancholic, steeped in loss and the impossibility of love. Paradoxically, listening to them tends to produce a lightening of the spirit-which may be because Fischer is only too happy to bear the burden of gloom, at least while she’s on-stage. That, too, is an art-and a rare one.” –Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight

Original, relevant, culturally engaged & emotionally, intellectually uncompromising songs by Elizabeth Fisher vocals; Ron Samworth guitar; Tony Wilson guitar; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums


Plus, another solo performance by David P. Smith accordion, vocals, just to make sure y’all heard…

Sunday, August 21/ (afternoon) Hard Rubber Orchestra Open Rehearsal / Reading Sessions (3 pm, by donation)

Hard Rubber Orchestra is the “Godzilla of the Vancouver jazz scene, a big, goofy monster that stomps through complex charts with the swagger of big swing band and the heat of a thermonuclear explosion.” – Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight

First three Sundays in August, this 17-piece, post-modern, new music ensemble, consisting of many of Vancouver’s finest musicians under the leadership of composer, conductor and trumpeter, John Korsrud, plays daring, unpredictable, high energy music that draws on the influences of John Zorn, Krzysztof Penderecki, Public Enemy, John Cage and Miles Davis. Expect compositions by Hugh Fraser, Brad Turner, Ron Samworth, Jean Derome, Bill Runge, Michael Blake, Tony Wilson and others.


Sunday, August 21/ (evening) The Pokiok Falls plus The Smoke Fairies (9 pm, $5-10)

The Pokiok Falls reveal the pretty side of indie rock with their 3-part harmonies, subtle guitar hooks and heartbreaking trumpet solos. With themes ranging from love and longing to dirt roads, dracula and life after the mill town, their songs move beyond lament and remind you of the finer places you haven’t been to yet. Heather DeLong vocals, guitar; Jen Chycoski vocals, keyboards; Tony Koelwyn vocals, drums; Rob MacBeth vocals, bass; Michael Boegh guitar; Shaun Brodie trumpet

From West Sussex, England via New Orleans, Katherine & Jessica are The Smoke Fairies. They create a smoky atmosphere beautifully with two guitars & their vocal cords. Gorgeous harmonies, great guitar playing & solid lyrics.


Monday, August 22/ Open to the public until 9pm, private gathering afterwards…

Tuesday, August 23/ Artist In Residence: Kenton Loewen / Coat Cooke Trio (9 pm, $5-10)

This Vancouver trio is a powerful and sensitive beast with six ears and three hearts that turns on a dime or shifts dimensions with the breath of a thought. Coat Cooke is one Canada’s most lyrical and inventive saxophonists and composers and is leader of the acclaimed NOW Orchestra. With two of our city’s most creative and dynamic musicians Clyde Reed bass and Kenton Loewen drums

Wednesday, August 24/ Stem plus Oso Simple (9 pm, $5-10)

Stem is a Vancouver based five piece that combines dynamic textures with an energetic drive and lush vocal harmonies.

Graham Gibson keys; Robin Gibson keys; Chris Mitchell guitar/bass; Billy Hogan guitar; Kevin Gregoire drums

From Cortes Island, Oso Simple sings and writes songs with compassion and a sense of humor, two virtues we can use in abundance in the world.


Thursday, August 25/ Grrrls With Guitars: Shiloh Lindsey & Christa Couture (9 pm, $5-10)

Curated by Nadine Davenport, Grrrls With Guitars is a collection of talented women singer-songwriters.

Shiloh Lindsey writes & sings about beauty, darkness and determination that have brought her this far. Stylistically, she falls in the alt-country, folk-roots camp, with plenty of attitude and the ability to back it up.


Neo-folk popper Christa Couture is described as “the new Ani”, “Alanis Morissette on Prozac” and “Tori Amos armed with a guitar”. She’s a formidable young woman with a beautiful voice and pen to match. Her candor, honesty and humor make each live performance unique, and it is in that exchange that her work is at its best.


Friday, August 26/ Mimosa (9 pm, $5-10)

Drawing from a well of resources spanning the 1960s to the present, French lounge, New York swing, Brazilian bossas to original Mimosa material, the quartet blends feels and tones together in an extraordinary bouquet. Mimosa brings you on a sentimental journey through time and sound, making dancing a huge temptation. Please let yourself be tempted. A little decadence never hurt anyone.

Rebecca Shoichet vocals; Jamie Hovorka trumpet, flugelhorn; Anna Lumiere keys; John Raham drums


Saturday, August 27/ (afternoon) The Morgan Childs Trio Featuring Amanda Tosoff (3 pm, by donation)

One of the upcoming talents to watch, both as a pianist and composer, Amanda Tosoff’s original compositions, as well as selections from her songbook will be performed by Morgan Childs Trio. Evan Arntzen saxophones; Morgan Childs drums

Saturday, August 27/ (evening) Zeryab Arabic ensemble plus Guest Dancer (9 pm, $10)

Never content with simple repetition of established forms, the diverse musicians of Zeryab push the boundaries of classical Arabic forms not by breaking them, but by artfully stretching the original material, breathing new life into what has always been a vibrant and living tradition of exchange and assimilation. The result is a compelling mixture of the contemporary and the traditional that appeals to a broad spectrum of musical tastes. They will be joined by a talented belly dancer to compliment the performance.

Serwan Yamolky oud, vocals; Kais Sammarai vocals; Emad Armoush ney, guitar, vocals; Bashar Najem keyboard

Sunday, August 28/ (afternoon) Orquesta Goma Dura (3 PM, by donation)

The 20-piece Orquesta Goma Dura is one of this continent’s largest salsa orchestras and one of the most exciting ensembles anywhere. OGD featuring an all-star collection of Vancouver’s salsa and latin-jazz communities with multiple singers, four percussionists, eleven horns transform any room into party central… it will be impossible to sit still! Susana Abreu, Danay Sinclair vocals; Jack Duncan congas; Martin Romero, Phil Belanger timbales; Edgar Romero bongos/coro; Allan Johnston bass/coro; Lou Mastroianni piano; Ross Gregory, Derry Byrne, Kent Wallace trumpet; Dennis Esson, Rod Murray, Jeremy Berkman, Brad Muirhead trombone; Bill Runge, Mike Braverman, Graham Ord, Daniel Miles Kane saxophones; John Korsrud director


Sunday, August 28/ (evening) C.R. Avery Band (9 pm, $5-10)

“Search this man out, C.R. Avery is terrific.” –Tom Waits

Commercial Drive’s pride & joy, life of the proverbial party, human beat box, slam-poet-extraordinaire, multi-talented C.R. Avery & his killin’ band come back to Rime to set the freak-horde straight…

“Imagine if Neil Young was inspired by hip-hop, and then you have C.R. Avery.” -Vancouver Sun


Monday, August 29/ Babukishan & Friends (9 pm, $5-10)

In West Bengal, in the extreme northeast of India, Bauls travel the countryside singing their songs in search of the beloved within, Maner Manush (One who dwells in theHeart). The origin of the word is batul, meaning divinely inspired insanity or byakul, meaning fervently eager. The songs, sung with intense emotion, are simple, and the instruments ancient. Babukishan‘s wanderings have found him touring with Bob Dylan and the Band in 1985 and collaborating with the likes of Allen Ginsberg. On this night, along with four diverse Vancouver musicians, the music will be a blending of the familiar with the not so familiar– of Bengali folk with jazz bass, bamboo flutes, tabla and a whole array of acoustic world instruments under the all embracing umbrella of world music.

Babukishan vocals, khamak, dotara, harmonium; Prashant John vocals, bamboo flutes, guitars, percussion; Joseph “Pepe” Danza percussion, woodwinds, guitar; Clyde Reed bass; Stefan Cihelka tabla, percussion


Tuesday, August 30/ Artist In Residence: Kenton Loewen Trio (9 pm, $5-10)

Kenton Loewen‘s music is lucid, delicate, intense and fiery. Strong focus on melody, vocals and guitar work makes for a transporting experience with a band dynamic and communication that is truly captivating.

Kenton Loewen guitar, vocals; Tyson Naylor keys, vocals; Jeremy Page bass, vocals

Wednesday, August 31/ Skank City Shredders (9 pm, $5-10)

Guitarist Ron Samworth is full of brilliant ideas. Here’s one of them: Music that filters the early jazz and blues repertoire through a blurry post-punk aesthetic. Employing a psuedo-dixieland format, Skank City features a horny frontline, jumped up rhythm section, fuzztone banjo, kamikaze drumbeats. Irreverent, groovy, skronky, swinging, non-toxic fun for the whole family, especially disfunctional ones.

Ron Samworth fuzztone banjo, guitar; Bill Clark trumpet, alpha male choreography; Rod Murray bigbone; Graham Ord saxophone, effects/defects; Paul Blaney buzztone bass; Kenton Loewen drums, primal scream

Thursday, September 1/ The Unsupervised (9 pm, $5-10)

As an adventurous, commited, expressive local quintet, The Unsupervised unapologetically dissolve all musical borders and joyfully explore everything from modern jazz and free improvisation, to bautifully quirky country music and greasy funk grooves.

Jeff Younger guitar; Kristian Naso trumpet; Dan Pigott saxes; Russell Sholberg bass; Mike Magnusson drums

Friday, September 2/ Inhabitants (10 pm, $5-10)

“Blissful, yet dissonant ambiance” – The Stranger (Seattle)

From melodic to minimalist, from deep groove to all out noise; this quartet inhabits the nether regions of Vancouver’s music underground…

JP Carter trumpet; Dave Sikula guitar; Pete Schmitt bass; Skye Brooks drums

Saturday, September 3/ The Breakmen (10 pm, $5-10)

Providing a refreshing take on traditional bluegrass, The Breakmen slide from smoky 1920’s Delta blues to swinging originals with ease.

Archie Pateman banjo, guitar, vocals; Lee Watson guitar, vocals; Ben Rogalsky mandolin, vocals; Matt Lawson bass, vocals

Sunday, September 4/ Silent Summer Nights (not so) Monster Orchestra (free)

….attacks Rime…”The Russians are coming!!”

Some of the city’s finest improvising players follow up their grand performance at Grandview Park with a hot finale at Rime! There will be smaller ensemble playing, as well as much of the Monster Orchestra assembled to blow away Rime patrons… (See info below)

Suggested itinerary for September 2-4: Dinner at Rime, off to Silent Summer Nights at 8 pm, back to Rime after 10 pm for more great music… 🙂


Silent Summer Nights

Grandview Park, Commercial at William St.

8 pm, September 2 – 4

Free of charge!

Celebrate the end of summer in style. Saunter into Grandview Park for the 5th annual Silent Summer Nights: three enchanting evenings of silent and not-so-silent films featuring original live music by Eye of Newt and invited guests. A Labour Day Weekend classic co-presented by Radix, Rumble, Rime & Zula, under the musically visionary direction of Stefan Smulovitz.

Friday, September 2/ L’homme qui plantait des arbres (1987) (The man who planted trees)

Winner of the Academy Award for “Best Short Film, Animated”, this gem is a true hommage to nature as it tells the story of one man who turns a desert into a forest.

A Soldier’s Tale (1918) (L’Histoire du Soldat)

Igor Stravinsky’s translation of the Faustian tale into a mundane context, where a soldier’s experiences as he struggles with temptation are more like our own. This is a Faust we can feel sorry for!

Music by Eye of Newt.

Saturday, September 3/ Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (1983)

Godfrey Reggio collaborates with cinamatographer Ron Frike (Baraka) and celebrated composer Philip Glass to create a defining cinematic tale of life inside modern technology, our “beautiful beast.” Sweeping shots of nature clash with images of man’s artificial environment to create an unprecedented cinematic interpretation of modern life.

Music by Adios.

Sunday, September 4/ Battleship Potemkin (1925) (Bronenosets Potyomkin)

Director Sergei Einstein’s groundbreaking filmic montage depicts the 1905 uprising against tsarism in Russia: a protest on board the Battleship Potemkin when the crew is given rotten meat for dinner ends in a widespread riot. Labelled as agit prop and censored accross Europe for over 20 years, this ingenious piece effectively attacts and manipulates our senses.

Music by Silent Summer Nights Monster Orchestra.




Coming Up:


Artist in Residence: TBA

7/ Mike Allen Quartet

9/ Flophouse Jr. / The Beige

10/ Shango Ashé

11/ Christine Fellows / Great Aunt Ida

15/ Steve Dawson CD Release

15-17/ Steel Fest:2nd Vancouver Steel Guitar Festival featuring Steve Dawson, Lorene & Art Ruymar, Michael Dunn, Alexander Varty, Michael Flunkert and more! The Vancouver Steel Guitar Festival, celebrates the steel guitar and brings together a diverse group of players – Hawaiian, Western swing, rockabilly, country, rock and roots – we’ve got it all! This year’s festival takes place September 15 – 17 at Rime. Look for detailed information on performances and workshops in September’s Calendar.

21/ François Bourassa Quintet

23, 24/ Veda Hille with Nick Jaina


Artist in Residence: JP Carter

Sunday Afternoons: Existential Angst Party

1/ The Fugitives

5/ Ivan Coyote Book Launch: “Loose End”

13/ Mark Berube

15/ Audio-Lava & Blind God

22/ Hot Club Of Mars


Artist in Residence: Brad Turner

Sunday Afternoons: No Shit Shirleys

4, 5/ Latif Bolat

18/ Nathan Rogers

USUAL ADMISSION: $5-10 sliding scale for most concerts

USUAL SHOWTIME: 9 pm for most shows

Rime is located at 1130 Commercial Drive (between William & Napier)

Tel. 604.215.1130



We’re open nightly for dinner & live performance. We’re also open for lunch on Saturday & Sunday.

Monday-Friday: 5 pm – 1 am

Saturday: Noon – 1 am

Sunday: Noon – Midnight

We accept Visa, M/C & debit cards

Reservations for parties of 10 or more are possible & recommended

Check out our menu



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