2005.4 –> April 2005 at Rime

ZULA presents


1130 Commercial Drive

Vancouver BC

Rime is a licensed Eurasian restaurant and music room located in East Vancouver. In other words, you can have good Turkish food & good music, while you enjoy the company of good folk in a room with a good vibe. I guess, it’s all good, then…

Check out our menu, new stage and layout. Kinks are out of the sound system. New Zula website will be up by April 1st! A pdf version of the calendar will also soon be available at http://www.zula.ca

Early bird tickets for the June 5th Rashied Ali & Sonny Fortune concert (early & late shows…$20 each starting April 5th) at Highlife, Zulu & Rime until May 15, $25 after. Space is limited, so jump on it!

May Artist in Residence: Jesse Zubot

April 2005 at Rime PDF (click to download calendar in PDF)

April Artist in Residence: RON SAMWORTH

Ron Samworth
Ron Samworth

Our guest curator on Tuesdays, Ron Samworth is an inventive guitarist and composer who has worked with John Zorn, Wayne Horvitz, Han Bennink, Talking Pictures and the NOW Orchestra. He also co-leads DarkBlueWorld with Elizabeth Fischer. He has collaborated on numerous dance, theatre and film projects over the years, co-creating pieces for Radix theatre, EDAM dance, and Ruby Slippers to name but a few. He likes to play the guitar with household accessories whenever possible.

“Samworth’s electric guitar has an unusually versatile voice. Sometimes it shouts with bluesy passion; elsewhere it can take on a hyper-articulate sheen of intellectual vigour … (his guitar) seems to address all of the things that can’t be said in more conventional terms.” – Alex Varty, Georgia Straight

1/ “VAN STRALEN BREAKS OUT” BOOK LAUNCH with THE SELF RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS ( 8-10 pm, free) Creative Georgia Straight cartoonist Dirk Van Stralen‘s book launch celebration with The Self Righteous Brothers … Chris Blades guitar, voice; Martin Walton guitar, bass, voice; Albert Klassen mandolin, bass, voice; Marc L’Esperance drums, the band flawlessly mixes Western swing and jazz standards with joy.

plus THE GOLDEN WEDDING BAND (10:30 pm, $5-10) Infectious kitchen sink music from the 20’s through to the present … covered styles include: country-swing, rhumba, tango, calypso, dixieland, jazz & blues with “Perfesser” Chris Dean tenor banjo, guitar, vocals; Andrew Burdon trombone, baritone sax, sousaphone, vocals; Colin Maskell soprano sax; Dan Herzog trumpet; Clive “Pops” Jackson bass; Matt Belbin drums, percussion

2/ SANTA LUCIA (10 pm, $5-10) High energy Latin funk with monstrous horns and bass, polyrhythmic beats, funky breaks, and furiously upbeat lyrics in English and Spanish. German Cantillo guitar, vocals; Mario Zetina percussion, vocals; Glen Krouger drums, vocals; Ryan Conroy bass; Byron Russell alto sax, vocals; Brad Muirhead trombone

3/ ANA BONBON & AMELIA ROSE (8 pm, by donation) Accomplished accordionist Ana Bonbon & rootsy violinist Amelia Rose‘s laid-back approach to blending gospel, blues, western swing, gypsy music & bluegrass is a must hear!

5/ ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: RON SAMWORTH (9 pm, $5-10) Yes But Does it Swing? Kate Hammett-Vaughan/André Lachance Duo Three time Juno award nominated jazz vocalist KHV in a freewheeling duo performance with bassist Lachance. Kate’s tired of losing out to Diana Krall and needs to vent…plus Peggy Lee cello, Lan Tung erhu, Ron Samworth guitar Torsten Müller bass, Jesse Zubot violin play a set of improvisations for strings…Drive-style chamber music…

6/ OUT OF THE WOODS (9 pm, $5-10) Modern jazz compositions from the lyrical to the angular, played with much imagination, interaction & joy. Blair Lewis guitars; Karen Graves tenor and soprano saxophone, flute; Nick Apivor vibraphone, percussion; Laurence Mollerup bass; Randall Stoll drums

7/ MELISA DEVOST CD RELEASE with Tony Wilson plus Frederick Tuck (9 pm, $8) A celebration for Hornby Island native, singer-songwriter, guitarist Melisa Devost‘s sophomore release “Capacity”, a mix of gritty blues & soaring gospel numbers interspersed with her telling & insightful lyrics with Ken Clark, Bob Grant, Tony Wilson.

8/ ZEELLIA: Slavic Soul (9:30 pm, $5-10) Eastern European folk songs in the traditional style of ‘bilij holos’ or ‘pure voice’, Slavic Soul, rooted in the traditional with a contemporary edge, connecting the past with the present and the old country with the new. Beverly Dobrinsky vocals; Carmen Rosen vocals; Bessie Wapp vocals, percussion; Amelia Rose violin; Alison Jenkins accordion; Russell Sholberg bass

9/ SPYGIRL (10 pm, $5-10) Spygirl delivers slow-burning pop songs from the world of wonder. Koralee Tonack vocals, guitar; Jane Gowan Fender Rhodes, trumpet; Jon Roper guitar; James Ong keyboards Al MacInnes bass; Eduardo Ottoni drums

plus AUSTER SISTERS Alt-country band plays songs of last dance and happenstance Belinda Bruce guitar, vocals; Jane Gowan accordion, vocals; Jon Wood lapsteel guitar

10/ WILD ELIO (8 pm, by donation) Influenced by folk, jazz, Mediterranean and other world beat elements, Wild Elio plays a variety of original compositions and covers in English and Italian creating a sound of romantic and mystical moods. Elio Rota accordion,vocals; Enrico Renz guitar, vocals; Steve Lazin percussion

12/ ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: RON SAMWORTH (9 pm, $5-10) Brecht, Brel and Co. No, not a law firm, some of the finest songwriters of the last 100 years… interpreted by some damn fine singers…Joshua Minsky sings chansons by the great Jacques Brel. Singers, Kevin House and Elizabeth Fischer do Brecht and others – maybe Tom Waits, Edith Piaf, Leonard Cohen, or maybe not. Bring your Gauloises…with Ron Samworth guitar; Paul Blaney bass

13/ GAMELAN ALLIGATOR JOY (9 pm, $5-10) Unique Vancouver percussion ensemble specializing in the performance of traditional & contemporary music, using the sonorous sounds of the Javanese Gamelan, comprised of many bronze metallophones, gongs, drums, strings, flutes & singing with Sutrisno Hartana & Anis (Java), Mark Parlett, Ben Rogalsky, Kemal Wahyu, Gary McFarlane, Tony Reif, Sam Salmon, Margaret Gallagher.

14/ DONATO/GELFAND/PLATO (10 pm, $10) Canadian jazz legend, bassist extraordinaire Michel Donato has performed with some of the greatest players in jazz from Bill Evans to Art Blakey to Carman McRae, is joined by fellow Montrealer, pianist James Gelfand & exquisite Vancouver vocalist Karin Plato for this special Rime engagement.

15/ THE DUO (10 pm, $5-10) From Los Angeles, a very special, 21st century nod to early jazz with Eric Sbar‘s gritty trombone/euphonium & Scott Farr‘s volatile guitar

plus QUESO BLANCO Vancouver’s answer to Los Cubanos Postizos, quirky take on Cuban & Latin music smothered generously with premium cheese with tasty chops from Noah Walker guitar; Michael Patterson bass; Michael Simpson drums

16/ BREJERA (10 pm, $5-10) Great instrumentalists playing mostly traditional, home-spun, heart-warming Brazilian music (forro, pagode, samba and samba/rock) using Brazilian instruments. Celia Enestrom vocals; Mario Silva guitar; Trevor Murray cavaco; Paul Bray percussion; Cassio Souza percussion

17/ ROGER DEAN YOUNG & THE TIN CUP (7 pm, by donation) Revered alt-roots outfit & friends playing beautifully sparse, quiet, poignant music. Roger Dean Young guitar, vocals; Chris Rippin guitar, piano; Shaun Brodie trumpet; Mark Beatty bass; Super Robertson electric bass; Chris Kelly drums

19/ ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: RON SAMWORTH (9 pm, $5-10) It Moves, It Grooves Songster Tarran the Tailor could wear Tom Waits’ pants, he could also sew them… plays banjo like Robert Johnson on Mandrax. Need I say more? “…a slow strange tango after a dusty sweaty barndance…” Dancers Jennifer Clarke and Katy Harris-Mcleod transform space through movement, Ron Samworth and trumpeter JP Carter create sound poetry… this could work!

20/ ION ZOO (9 pm, $5-10) Inspired by bebop, noise, baroque aria, blues & Weimar cabaret, this band creates an aural feast of haunting melodies. Stephen Bagnell reeds, percussion; Shanto Bhattacharya cello; Clyde Reed bass; Carol Sawyer voice

21/ FIXIN’ TO PLAY: A MUSICAL BENEFIT FOR GRANDVIEW ELEMENTARY AFTER SCHOOL MUSIC PROGRAM (8 pm, $10 donation) featuring Stephen Hedley Soaring, creative vocals and unique songwriting style, Hedley‘s memorable lyricism and vocals with a timeless and captivating groove.

plus Oh Kayla “The Oh Kayla brew is a soulful blend of roots and spoken word that is as warm as moonshine.” Joanna Chapman Smith and Melissa Bandura mandolins, violins, guitars, winds, voices.

22/ TONY WILSON SEXTET (10 pm, $5-10) One of Vancouver’s greatest working bands and best kept secrets, bursting with young talent, led by veteran guitarist Tony Wilson…a natural player, peaceful renegade, musically omnivorous troubadour with Jesse Zubot violin; Masa Anzai saxophones; J.P. Carter trumpet; Russell Sholberg bass; Skye Brooks drums

23/ PRIMAL ORBIT (10 pm, $5-10) High energy, outer-space power jazz from some of the city’s finest jazz & improvised music players with a hard-hitting sound that can range from barely audible and frenetic to sustained and sonorous, from straight-ahead to far from the beaten track … Brad Muirhead bass trombone, leader; Saul Berson alto sax; Dave Say tenor sax; J.P. Carter trumpet; Tony Wilson guitar; Paul Blaney bass; Stan Taylor drums

plus CELIA ENESTROM & MARIA SILVA Vocalist Celia Enestrom & guitarist Mario Silva cover a variety of different styles of Brazilian pop music including  works by great composers like Chico Buarque , Tom Jobim & Caetano Veloso


INDEPENDENT SHORTS Curator: Şebnem Koyuncu (8 pm, $5-10)

1- "EASY ROLLIN" (17') By Hadas Levy and Marianne Bos A community of cycling enthusiasts' efforts to engage environmental and artistic ideals.  

2- “A GIRL NAMED KAI” (9′) By Kai Ling Xue An experimental journey through relationships, self-discovery, passion, secrets and dreams.

3- “In the Northwest Corner” (3’40”)    A 95 year old woman’s wounds have not yet healed and by knitting and giving to others she finds some comfort.

4- “O Peradaki Hayalet” (20′) By Huseyin Namik Yildirim Short horror film by Turkish director

plus EYE OF NEWT Improv troupe plays music to a screening of Coral Seas (part of The Blue Planet series) in surround sound with Viviane Houle voice; Stefan Smulovitz viola, laptop; Pepe Danza percussion

26/ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: RON SAMWORTH (9 pm, $5-10) Twang, Thwack… Guitar and dobro maestro Steve Dawson plays a solo set, half of the acclaimed duo Zubot and Dawson. Plus Dave Say saxophone, Dylan van der Schyff drums and Ron Samworth guitars are to a jazz trio what cubism is to landscape painting.

27/DARYL BENNETT & THE ART OF TIME (9 pm, $5-10) Power drummer, Powder Blues alumni Daryl Bennett‘s jazz & blues project full of young talent & energy with Pedro Moto guitar; Eli Bennett saxes; Yason Agustinus Fender Rhodes; Nimish Parekh bass

28/SOMETHING ABOUT REPTILES (9 pm, $5-10) Turkish pop & folk songs a la Marlena Dietrich by lusciously eccentric diva Burcu & her very able band

Global Discoveries Festival on The Drive:

presented by Caravan World Rhythms & Zula at Rime

April 29/ FLAMENCO HERESY (9:30 pm, $5-10) Unique blend of flamenco and Latin rhythms, complemented by dancing and singing talents of Oscar Nieto with guitarist Darryl Jahnke, percussionist Phil Belanger, flamenco guitarist Peter Mole

April 30/ RAYHAN (9:30 pm, $5-10) Turkish string player, Syrian instrumentalist & French percussionist meet to play gorgeous, intricate Mediterranean melodies. Erdal Kün saz/baglama; Emad Armoush ney, guitar, percussion, voice; Denis Franck frame drum & other percussion

May 1 / Global Discoveries Festival on The Drive: Festival Closing Party

with TAAL MAALA & BREJERA (8:30 pm, $5-10)Taal Maala: Electronic East Indian fusion group featuring electronicist and tabla player Keenan O’Connor and sitar player Matt Hollingshead

plus Brejera: An authentic high-energy Brazilian samba-fusion band that will keep you dancing in a carnival-like atmosphere. Celia Enestrom vocals; Mario Silva guitar; Trevor Murray cavaquinho; Cassio Souza surdo; Paul Bray pandeiro/percussion
Global Discoveries Festival LECTURE/DEMOS:

April 26/ (7-8 pm, by donation) Latin and African music and dance traditions, with Hector Navarro on the relationship between Latin music and its African roots.

April 27/ (7-8 pm, by donation) Persian Sufi and Folk music and poetry, with Amir Hagighi and members of the Honari family demystify this music’s deep history.
April 28 (7-8 pm, by donation) South Indian music and spirituality with members of Nada Brahma: led by Vidyasagar Vankayala.

May 1 (2-3pm, by donation) Zen and the Art of the Shakuhachi Flute, with Alvin Ramos.
To clarify our admision policy; Tuesday through Sunday we charge admission, usually $5-10 sliding-scale, unless noted otherwise, for some of the finest & most eclectic array of live music under one roof in the city. We have reasonably priced food & drink and no hidden charges. The money collected at the door goes directly to the performers. Cover is in effect just before showtime; which is usually at 9 pm on Tuesday to Thursday and at 10 pm on Friday and Saturdays, 8 pm on Sundays, unless noted otherwise.

support live music in your community!


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